Best Places To Meet Girls In Riyadh & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Riyadh with a dating guide then you have your work cut out for you. We aren’t even sure if we should try to cover how to get laid in Saudi Arabia, but we are going to give this one a shot and see how it goes.

You probably already know that alcohol is illegal here which really hurts your options for meeting single girls in Riyadh. We always start our posts out with a list of nightclubs and pick up bars because most guys reading this will prefer to go out after dark to meet women near you and try to hook up.

Well here that strategy isn’t going to work near as well unless you are in the know. We will try to share some tips on how you can find private parties in compounds, and also tell you about a party hot spot a short flight away that you may want to visit on the weekends.

After the difficult nightlife scene is covered we will talk about meeting single women in your area during the day, how to use online dating sites to get laid or find a girlfriend, and then get into our local dating guide. This is a very different city, but we will try to break it down as best we can just as we did with the difficult situation single men find in Jeddah.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

LOL nightclubs and pick up bars, you wish! If we knew of some underground clubs or bars we surely would tell you, instead we want to share some tips on how you might find your way into private parties in Riyadh with alcohol and girls.

The bad news is that if you are only in town for a short while, don’t know anyone, and are a solo guy or a group of guys then this will be very hard. Think of it like this: do nightclubs in your city prefer to let girls or guys in?

A sexy girl can cut the line and walk right in to any club, an average looking lady might have to wait in line but she is going to get in eventually. Not all guys are getting in, and many will have to tip the door guy if they want to.

Why are we telling you all of this? Well if you are trying to get into a private party with alcohol and girls in your area what do you bring to the table? These private parties are going to want to have great female to male ratios because it is usually single men that throw the parties.

They will want to limit their competition to maximize their chance of getting laid. A guy they don’t know or even worse a group of guys they don’t know bring nothing to the table. There are parties here where you can get drunk and hook up with girls in Riyadh, but they won’t be easy to track down.

They are often found at private expat compounds. Pretty much from the moment you arrive, or even before you arrive, you need to start trying to grow your social circle and meeting as many people as you can.

That includes other men. Find expat groups on Facebook, join expat clubs, mingle with any expats that you come across and be friendly. Hope that eventually you start getting told where the party is at and can get on a guest list.

If you are just here for a short while you will definitely need luck on your side to hook up. Try hanging out at Tahlia Street where there are many cafes, or Thumamah Street just outside of town where you can find bars that offer shisha and get in with that crowd.

That certainly is no guarantee, but we do have a back-up plan that can work really well. You would even have an easier time sleeping with women in Muscat, and that isn’t an easy city either. Things here are more similar to what you find in Tehran.

Go Party In Bahrain

Bahrain is not far off the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia and the flight takes just over an hour. This is one of the more laxed countries in the Middle East and people from Saudi and the region visit on weekends to party and hook up.

You can actually buy alcohol, and when people visit they are definitely looking to have a good time which often means have a one night stand. Some of the best nightclubs and singles bars to pick up girls in Bahrain are:

Many of the above bars and clubs are located in the Adliya nightlife district. If you are struggling to party or meet girls in Riyadh then a quick trip to Bahrain might be exactly what you need. All of the pictures and videos in this post are from Bahrain.

Meet Riyadh Girls During The Day

In a conservative country like this one trying to pick up women during the day probably isn’t the wisest thing to do. If you want to make an attempt you definitely need to be very polite, don’t be overly aggressive, and back off when you need to.

Are you really going to walk up to a local Riyadh woman in an abaya and hit on her? If so you have more balls than we do. Tahlia Street might work, or you could try malls and shopping districts like:

  • Faisaliyah
  • Granada Center
  • Al Nakheel Mall
  • Panorama Mall
  • Riyadh Gallery
  • Hayat Mall

Pro tip: stick to other tourists or expats if quick sex is the goal.

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Riyadh nightlife hook up bars Bahrain

Our last way to pick up women here is about online dating. Even this won’t be all that easy, but it is going to be your best chance or at least equal to heading to nightclubs in Bahrain.

There are over five million people living here, that means millions of women. While the vast majority of them will be highly religious and have no interest in casual sex that is not going to be the case for all.

People want to get laid, and there will always be some women in Saudi Arabia who are looking to hook up. The trick is being able to track them down in a discreet way.

If you want to meet easy girls in Riyadh online use Adult Friend Finder. We aren’t going to tell you that there are ten thousand horny girls on this hook up site who are ready to get laid at a moments notice.

But there are some, you will find expats and locals alike. The girls near you are living in an oppressed society but still have physical needs, they need a nice and discreet guy who can handle his business and keep things on the down low if you have sex together.

If that sounds like you give Adult Friend Finder a chance, in a country like this one it really could be a life changer. Or you can also try to find good women in Saudi Arabia to be your girlfriend or for marriage on Muslima.

Where to get laid in Riyadh hook up with girls online

Riyadh Dating Guide

Now that you are caught up on the ways to meet single girls near you our Riyadh dating guide will try to fill you in on the rest. Obviously with no alcohol things are going to be a bit different.

In most places a glass of wine or some cocktails can really lighten the mood and let people relax on their date nights. Here you may have to go at it sober, an adjustment may need to be made.

Tahlia Street will have some options, or visit one of these romantic restaurants on your Riyadh date night:

Day Date Ideas

Depending on the weather your local day dates can vary. If it is in the hottest months of the year going outdoors won’t be advisable, but if you get a pleasant afternoon try going to one of these casual parks:

  • Salam Park Riyadh
  • King Abdullah Park
  • Wadi Hanifah

This is a historic city so you could visit one of these museums or landmarks:

  • National Museum
  • Masmak Fortress
  • Saqr Aljazeera Aviation Museum
  • King Abdulaziz Historical Center
  • Murabba Palace

For a weekend getaway other than Bahrain you could always take your Riyadh girl to party in Dubai. For something different try Amman or Sana’a.

Tips For Tourists & Expats

We don’t have a ton of travel advice here, you can easily find that on tons of other sites. We just want to hit on the dating culture in Saudi Arabia and go over some things again.

The local currency is the riyal and you get a little under 4 for every dollar as of our last update. If your goal is to get laid then you want to try to stay in one of the expat compounds.

Staying in a hotel will make it very hard for you to hook up with Riyadh girls in your room. Some will have a no female guests policy, others may make you pay an expensive joiner fee any time you have a girl over unless you can prove she is your girlfriend.

Try to locate expat compounds that allow short term stays if at all possible. As far as the dating and hook up culture in Riyadh goes it is pretty straight forward, you are in one of the more conservative places on the planet.

The local women are generally going to be off limits, if you do want to hit on one make sure to do so in a respectful manner. One way to really gain some status here would be to provide alcohol, hash, or throw parties.

Of course this is going to be very risky, but earlier we were talking about how an average guy is going to have trouble getting into a party. Well if you have the booze, the weed, or are bringing the sexy girls in your area that won’t be the case.

We aren’t suggesting you break any laws, just throwing it out there.

Enjoy Dating Riyadh Girls

Let’s face it, this is just not a good place to go for partying or hooking up with anyone other than your girlfriend. If you spend some time on the ground and build up a good social circle then maybe you could make something happen.

If you are already living here then you have your work cut out for you. If you have a trip planned make the most of it, and if you are doing research to decide whether or not you should go then you probably know the answer already.

Don’t forget to try to pick up single women near you on Adult Friend Finder. The right one who is ready to get laid could make this dry country a very pleasant place to be indeed.

That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Riyadh with a dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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