The Simplest Dating Advice You Will Ever Read

Hey guys, today we wanted to share the simplest dating advice you will ever read. Here at WorldDatingGuides we focus mostly on the where not the how.

Over on the right hand side or at the end of this post on mobile you can search for the biggest city near you and probably find a dating guide to help you meet women who live there. Those guides will also talk about where you can go on a date night, but we don’t often talk about the actual art of picking up girls or dating.

There are many different PUA (pick up artist) sites out there that will break down all sorts of different strategies and game plans if that interests you. Like anything some give great advice, others not so much.

One thing we have noticed is that many say ‘do this to hook up tonight!’ or ‘this one trick will get any woman into bed!’ If they start off like that and are asking you to pay them for their advice you probably should pass.

There Is No Magic Dating Formula

What these PUA’s tend to forget is that not all girls are created equal. Some will just want a nice guy who they can feel comfortable with while others will want a macho asshole who treats them like a piece of dirt.

Women are also generally more impulsive then men, they may want one thing one minute and something completely different the next. That is what can make our job so hard, you always have to be adjusting to their current mood.

You can’t just buy one E-book, read some tips, and follow that formula every time you meet a girl. Whatever their special PUA tricks are should work with some but will kill your chances with others.

How You Can Improve Your Dating Life

There are a few main things you can do to improve your dating life, the first of which is to be as sociable as you can be in every setting. Instead of sitting at home binge watching your favorite TV series go out to a singles bar and meet new people.

When you go out during the day look for opportunities to chat up any cute girl you see. Not only could you possibly get her number, but if you are always talking to girls it will become second nature to you.

If you are nervous when talking to women they will sense it and usually it will turn them off. But if this is the fifth girl you have said hello to today there is no reason to be nervous anymore.

Don’t put them on a pedestal until they deserve to be there. Another big thing you can do to improve your chances is dress well. A lot of guys think fashion is lame and a waste of time, we can’t disagree with that.

But the thing is you aren’t dressing well for you, you are dressing well for them. While you may not care about the difference between a t-shirt and a button up most women do.

You can take the attitude of ‘I want them to like me for me’ but just know that decision is going to limit your options tenfold. At the end of the day having more options is what it is all about, that is why online dating is so highly recommended.

Going out to try and meet girls face to face is very time consuming. How many women did you actually start a conversation with last month?

Even the most aggressive guys probably are under 100 for a whole month, the average guy is probably somewhere in the 1-10 range. Do you know how long it takes to contact 10 girls on a dating site? A matter of minutes.

Go out to singles bars and chat girls up. Say hi to any pretty girl who passes you on the street, and use online dating to set up as many dates as you can.

Numbers Always Add Up

Look, at the end of the day each guy is going to come up with his own ‘game’ that works best for him. Unfortunately we aren’t all created equal, a guy like Brad Pitt can approach any woman on the planet and know he has a decent shot of making something happen.

For the average Joe out there we probably are only going to date or hook up with a small percent of girls we talk to. But no matter what percent you will succeed with the more you talk to the more good will come from it.

Brad may be able to get a date with any girl he talks to, but if he only approaches one then he is only going to get one date. Average Joe #376 might only be able to get a date out of 4% of girls he approaches, but if he approaches 50 he just outdid Brad.

The simplest dating tip you will ever read is that it all comes down to your effort. Now put on a nice shirt, get your confidence up, then search for a city near you and go make it happen.