Best Places To Meet Girls In Puerto Vallarta & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Puerto Vallarta and a dating guide then this post can definitely help you out. It will cover where to pick up single women in your area as well as the best things you can do on your date night.

Since this is a beach town we assume most guys reading are going to be tourists. For that reason we will be giving some travel tips towards the end that you will want to stick around for if it is your first time visiting.

But before we get there we want to give you the direct info you came for. We will start with the best nightclubs and pick up bars to meet single Puerto Vallarta girls, after the nightlife meeting women near you during the day and online dating will be covered.

Then we will switch it up to our dating guide for Puerto Vallarta. This is where you will be informed of the best local romantic restaurants, cocktail bars, and fun activities you can do to show her a good time.

Lastly we will get into those tips for tourists which are really important no matter where you are trying to hook up in Mexico. In fact one is so important we want to mention it now, that being safety.

Stick to the tourist areas and don’t venture out of them on foot by yourself. Five or ten years ago the drug violence that plagues Mexico wasn’t reaching the beach towns, sadly these days it is becoming more prevalent in them as well.

But don’t let that sour your trip. Stick to the right areas of town and you should be fine.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

For some specific singles bars and nightclubs to pick up girls in Puerto Vallarta try:

We love writing guides for cities like this because they are so easy to write and in turn so easy for you to visit and potentially get laid. We could pretty much sum this whole guide up by saying to get a hotel near the Malecon/Paseo Diaz Ordaz area and spend most of your time there.

This is the best area for singles nightlife, restaurants, date spots, and you could stay in this part of town for your full trip and find everything you want and need. Like many touristy beach towns all you need to do is put yourself in the right area for singles nightlife and you have a great chance of getting laid in your area.

Much like we mentioned in our Cancun dating guide, there you go out to the Party Zone and here you go to the Malecon when you want to hook up.

Meet Puerto Vallarta Girls During The Day

Once again the Malecon is going to be the top spot to meet women during the day. They will be at the nearby beach, going to a café, or doing some window shopping.

It is the main thoroughfare of the city and single ladies will be walking by all day and evening. Playa Los Muertos is probably going to be the most popular beach to visit when you are in town.

Day game isn’t always the quickest, but if you put yourself in the heavily trafficked areas you give yourself the best chance of success. You could also try and go to malls or shopping districts to meet women in Puerto Vallarta during the day like:

  • Plaza Caracol
  • Galerias Vallarta
  • La Isla
  • La Plaza

Chat With Girls Online

Meet girls near you Puerto Vallarta singles nightlife hook up bars

So far we have mostly talked about the Malecon and that is because it really is the place to be. However the one thing it may lack is local Puerto Vallarta girls to try and hook up with.

Sure there will be some shopkeepers and waitresses around, but not that many and foreign men try to pick them up every day. There will be other Mexican girls from around the country, but if you were hoping to meet single girls near you who actually live in Puerto Vallarta or nearby online dating will be your best option.

Mexican Cupid is the biggest dating site you will find here. It will give you the best chance to meet a local for hooking up, dating, or a long term relationship.

Sign up for Mexican Cupid a week before your trip and you should be able to meet women in your area to show you around town when you arrive. The speed and efficiency online dating brings to the table really increases your chances of getting laid.

Where to get laid in Puerto Vallarta hook up with girls online

Puerto Vallarta Dating Guide

You should be fully caught up on where to meet singles near you and now our Puerto Vallarta dating guide can fill you in on the rest. Sure, you might pull a horny tourist from a nightclub and hook up that first night but more often than not it takes a date or two before you start to have some fun.

Luckily you are in a beach town so finding a romantic restaurant or cocktail bar for your date night will not be hard. One again many of these are on or near Paseo Diaz Ordaz:

You could cap your date night off at any of the nightclubs or bars we mentioned in the places to meet women in Puerto Vallarta list above.

Day Date Ideas

If the weather is nice the beach would be a pretty good idea for your date during the day. Instead of the touristy beach right there in town you may want to go find a more secluded spot at Playa Las Gemelas or Playa Mismaloya if possible. Many girls would love seeing the animals at the Zoologico de Vallarta.

Or all along the Malecon you will find some quaint cafes and restaurants that will be good for a chat. You could also visit:

  • Lazaro Cardenas Park
  • Park Royal
  • Cuale River

There are also some cool museums here like the Galleria Dante and Vallarta Art Walk. If you are really feeling the culture in this country then head somewhere less touristy next time like Monterrey.

Tips For Tourists & Expats

Now for the travel tips, as you have surely figured out by now the Malecon/Paseo Diaz Ordaz is the main singles nightlife area and were you want to get a hotel and spend most of your time. It is a safe area and you shouldn’t find any trouble here.

If you head outside of the touristy part of town then who knows how it will go. The main times to visit will be from mid March to mid April, and then from late May through August.

You will get some spring breakers early on and then there will be lots of women in your area from all around Mexico who will come here throughout the summer. One thing to note is that the beach here really isn’t that nice, if you were hoping for a nice beach then try picking up girls in Cabo San Lucas.

In Puerto Vallarta you find as many rocks on the beach as sand. Currently you get around 19 pesos per every dollar but the exchange rate can fluctuate. It kind of goes without saying but learn some Spanish before you come if you want to hook up with the local women.

Enjoy Dating Puerto Vallarta Girls

Maybe you will be out at the right place at the right time and dating won’t even be necessary. But thanks to all of the drug violence this isn’t the wild spring break hook up destination it used to be.

You can still have a lot of fun here, but if you struggle to get laid don’t forget about the single women near you on Mexican Cupid. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Puerto Vallarta with the dating guide, enjoy your time here.

Hook up with Puerto Vallarta women dating guide for men

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