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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Chihuahua plus a dating guide you have found the right site. When it comes to picking up single women in your area and where to go on your date nights there are plenty of options here.

We always start these guides with the nightlife and hooking up before transitioning to where you can meet single Chihuahua girls during the day and which online dating site will work best for you. Things to do on a local date night and more stuff for day time meet ups will also be mentioned towards the end.

Plus we have some quick travel tips for any tourists or expats who are new to dating women in Mexico. One thing that is really important in this part of the world is safety, so always keep that in mind.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

We know many of you just want a quick list of singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Chihuahua girls so here it is:

There are a few areas for singles nightlife here and unfortunately they are a bit spread out. Avenida Juarez in Zona Dorado might be the best place to try and hook up with Chihuahua girls at bars or clubs.

You can find more places to search for a one night stand with women in your area on Avenida Bolivar, or over by Periferico de la Juventud. Unfortunately these singles nightlife areas are not that close together and they are certainly not walking distance from one another.

With things so spread out we can’t really comment on which will be best and which place you are more likely to get laid in. Just be close to one of those three and take taxis when you want to hit up the others.

If you aren’t liking the scene here you may have a better time with girls in the Juarez nightlife.

Meet Chihuahua Girls During The Day

Those nightlife areas we were just discussing also have some shops and cafes around that will bring single Chihuahua women out during the day. However remember that in dangerous cities like this one approaching strangers on the street may not go over well.

You are likely to have more success trying to pick up local girls at malls and shopping districts where they will feel safer and be less on guard:

  • Fashion Mall Chihuahua
  • Plaza Galerias
  • Plaza Cantera Cinco
  • Plaza Sendero Chihuahua
  • The Central Drive Mall

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Chihuahua singles nightlife hook up bars

Many single men have begun to realize that when they travel to new cities they will be exotic and stand out for the right reasons. All people like to have new experiences, well when you travel hooking up with you can be a new experience for the local women.

Online dating can help you enjoy this edge even more. It will help you to meet single girls in Chihuahua online before you are even in their town so you don’t show up empty handed.

It used to be that your only option was to try and find a one night stand in the nightlife when you just got somewhere, but that is never a guarantee. These days you can fly into a new city that you have never been and have the ball rolling with many single women already.

The best online dating site to use in this country is Mexican Cupid and it is one of the best ways to insure that you will get laid. Sign up and begin to message any cute girls you see on the site and let them know when you will be visiting.

You don’t need to chat with them a ton if you don’t feel like, just keep them interested. When you get here invite the ones you like most out on date nights, and continue to use Mexican Cupid to meet more girls near you and set up more dates throughout your stay in the country.

Taking the time to prep for a trip will improve your odds of hooking up more than anything else, and for single men no prep is more important than this. And for the local guys, don’t worry, it will work great for you as well.

Where to get laid in Chihuahua hook up with girls online

Chihuahua Dating Guide

We just broke down your best options for meeting singles near you and it is time to pivot to our Chihuahua dating guide. If you hope to hook up you need to be able to show a girl a fun night out.

These  romantic restaurants and cocktail bars would be great for a Chihuahua date night:

Enjoy a good meal together and share some interesting stories. Then go party in the nightlife, see a comedian at the CUU Comedy Bar, or see live shows at one of these live entertainment venues:

Day Date Ideas

This area of the country is known for incredible natural beauty. Here are some good places to take advantage of nice weather outdoors together:

  • Metropolitano Tres Presas el Rejón Park
  • Arms Square
  • Copper Canyon
  • Sierra Tarahumara
  • Cumbres de Majalca National Park

The Grutas Nombre de Dios and Grutas de Coyame are both great for exploring. Plus you can find some really cool museums and landmarks around such as:

  • Casa Chihuahua Centra de Patrimonio Cultural
  • Museo Casa Juárez
  • Museo Semilla
  • Museo Histórico de la Revolución
  • Museo Casa Redonda de Chihuahua
  • Centro Cultural Universitario Quinta Gameros

If you want to shack up with a special lady all weekend head to Puerto Vallarta, or if you aren’t a fan of the beach try Oaxaca City.

Tips For Tourists & Expats

We are just about finished but wanted to share some quick travel tips and talk about trying to hook up with girls in your area while you are here a bit more. Safety first, you probably are already fully aware that this is not a safe region of the country.

Limit your time on the streets, take taxis instead of walking, and don’t trust strangers you don’t know. Most of the violence is drug cartel related, hopefully if you stay out of their world they will also stay out of yours.

The currency is the Mexican Peso which traded at around 20 for every dollar as of our most recent update. Try to get a hotel in one of those single nightlife areas we mentioned above, Avenida Bolivar in Zona Centro will have you around many things to do but the nightlife in Zona Dorado is quite good as well.

When it comes to trying to hook up with girls in Chihuahua one night stands are not all that common. Expect to need to go on a few dates before you get laid, but you never know.

Enjoy Dating Chihuahua Girls

At this point we have covered this town as well as we can do it. If you have any special tips or want to correct any out of date information here please let us know in the comments.

Mexican Cupid is always a great way to meet women near you and can help improve your chances of hooking up as much as anything. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Chihuahua with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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