Best Places To Meet Girls In Las Vegas & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Las Vegas then welcome to our dating guide! You are in the right spot, not only by getting the info from this post but also by visiting a city with great potential.

We enjoy writing nightlife guides for cities like this because in all honesty things are pretty damn easy to figure out once you have boots on the ground. When it comes to the best places to meet single girls in Las Vegas they all are located in very close proximity to one another.

Get your hotel room situated in the right spot on the strip and you can walk or take a short cab ride to all of the places you will need to go. You will be surrounded by world class nightclubs, pool parties, restaurants, pick up bars, and there will be sexy ladies around all day and night.

Usually at WorldDatingGuides are posts are filled with specific locations that you can go to try and pick up women in your area or find date spots. Don’t worry, we will have plenty of those here but this one will be as much about tourist advice as it will be about specific venues.

It isn’t too hard to get a lay of the land, you will probably spend most of your trip walking distance from your hotel room. There will also be some talk about where to meet girls in Henderson and a few date spots there for the locals, but even locals will often go to the strip to try and hook up.

We will start this dating guide off with the singles nightlife, some pool parties plus other options for day game, and then online dating. After that we will mention good date spots, share travel tips, and discuss where you can find the hottest girls near you.

This city isn’t really lacking for anything no matter if you just want to hook up or are trying to have a special weekend with the wife.

Best Nightclubs On The Las Vegas Strip

As you may already know you will probably do just about all of your partying at the nightlife on the strip. Here is a list of the best nightclubs to try and pick up single girls in Las Vegas, these start at the northern middle part of the strip and move down to the south at Mandalay Bay:

Drai’s would be the after hours spot that you want to hit up at 3 or 4am if you haven’t hooked up yet. Depending on when you are in town it can be pretty hard for a group of guys to get into a club here. Over the 4th of July weekend or other busy times four average dudes are going to have to wait all night or pay a hefty ‘tip’ to the doorman to cut the line, and in this city hefty doesn’t mean $100.

Of course a group of four sexy ladies dressed to the nines will walk right in and won’t even have to pay a cover, that is just the way of the world. There are plenty of guys out on the strip handing out free passes to nightclubs, or you can find promoters online as well and this will make the cost and time it takes to meet girls in Las Vegas a lot more tolerable.

If you aren’t really a club goer you can pick up single women in your area all over the strip. There are pick up bars inside all of the casinos and you will see ladies walking from place to place or sitting alone at a slot machine that you could try to hit on. Sometimes they will end up being hookers, but often times they are just bored tourists with nothing to do.

Meet Women During The Day

When it comes to meeting girls during the day the Las Vegas pool parties are going to be your best chance at this. You will see so many hot bodies in thongs and they will all be out to see and be seen.

Most of the best pool parties are held right on the strip just like the singles nightlife, though a couple are just off the strip and a short taxi ride away. They are mostly geared towards the weekends and we listed the main day for each, but once again during the summer you can always find a party here:

You will have to pay a cover to get into these as well and can find free entry passes around town. Somewhere like Rehab on a Sunday will likely have a long line, particularly on the busiest weekends.

All of the hotels will have free pools that are more family friendly than the parties are. You can also pick up women at them and won’t need to wait in line or pay an entry fee to do so, but you can’t always expect there to be a bunch of drunk sluts around who are easy to sleep with.

For more day game options just roam around the casinos and look for single girls or groups of girls in your area and go where they are going. You never know who will be at the best pick up bars in Las Vegas at any time day or night, there are always options if you have the balls to approach.

Chat With Girls Online

Meet girls near you Las Vegas singles nightlife bars

Another way to sleep with women in Las Vegas is to use Adult Friend Finder which is quite popular here for a city of its size. At our last check there were hundreds of girls in Las Vegas who had logged on within the last month, about 40% as many as you find in New York even though this city has like 10% of the population.

We think the reason for this is that so many people move here on their own and don’t know anyone. They don’t have too many friends and often get burned by the few friends they do meet, this is a pretty predatory town after all.

So now these girls get horny and want to get laid but aren’t necessarily in the mood to start a serious relationship. Adult Friend Finder is the best hook up site around, when people sign up for it they are trying to get laid, not get married. If the thought of long lines, being forced to buy bottle service, and pretentious doormen all sound awful to you then give this hook up site a chance instead.

Where to get laid in Las Vegas hook up with girls online

Las Vegas Dating Guide

We mentioned it at the top of this Las Vegas dating guide but there are so many good date spots in this city that this section is almost silly to write. These casinos are like palaces and in the center of the strip they all have luxurious restaurants with some of the top chefs in the world.

There are so many great shows that perform year round and comedians and performers come in for random weekends throughout the year. Plus you can top any date night off at any of the clubs we listed before. If you can’t find something fun to do here then you have bigger problems then this guide can help you with.

Some good romantic restaurants for a date in Las Vegas you can try are:

And some of the most popular shows currently are:

You may also want to check out Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club which recently opened at the Linq or see who is performing at The Sphere. Admittedly cheap dates can be a lot harder to come by. Some of your best options would be Downtown, but after being surrounded by the luxury on the strip a trip Downtown can be a bit depressing.

Binion’s Steakhouse does offer a very good meal at affordable prices and would probably be our top cheap date spot in Las Vegas, though when you add in the price for a taxi ride you won’t be saving all that much.

You can find some of the best people watching in the world at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville at the Flamingo. Sit right on the strip and watch thousands of tourists walk past you throughout the day and night.

Our last cheap date suggestion would be to fill up the cooler with great sandwiches from Capriotti’s and head out to Lake Mead if the weather isn’t too hot. For a weekend getaway you can visit Lake Tahoe and Reno to enjoy the great natural scenery in the area.

Hooking Up With Hot Girls

Hook pick up bars Las Vegas single ladies nightlife

Guys come to this city with big dreams in mind. They plan on crushing the blackjack tables, winning every sports bet they make, and hooking up with hot Las Vegas girls that they pick up at any of the world class nightclubs around town.

Obviously things don’t usually play out like that, in the end the house does usually win. But if you want the best of the best and the hottest of the hot then you need to be staying on the strip, and in the right area.

That means you need to pick a hotel somewhere between the Encore and the Mandalay Bay. Depending on your budget you could stay somewhere as nice as the Cosmopolitan or as cheap as Casino Royale.

With some materialistic bitc… err, girls, it may matter if you are in one of the higher end hotels. With other more laid back women they really won’t care how nice your room is, but remember that a lot of tourists won’t want to leave the strip to go to your place.

Cosmopolitan, Aria, Bellagio, Venetian, and Wynn would probably be your best overall options if you hope to get laid, but they are also going to be some of the most expensive. They all are pretty centrally located and have plenty of good places to party and pick up girls inside.

You probably don’t want to stay all the way down at Mandalay Bay, and you certainly don’t want to stay at Circus Circus or Downtown. When it comes to hooking up with girls in Las Vegas logistics are key, just as they are anywhere. So is deciding when you want to come, obviously the weekends will be best as you have women from all over the country flying in and thousands of girls from So Cal making the drive.

Weekdays will be more chill, but you can always find a party here and it will be a lot quicker and easier to get into clubs. This city gets extremely crowded during certain holidays, New Years is probably not even worth visiting for anymore.

The 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day get a ton of tourists visiting, but not so many that you need to avoid them. Big sports weekends like the Super Bowl and March Madness can bring in so many guys from LA, San Diego, and all over that it messes with the ratios.

Dating Girls In Henderson

Now lets give some tips for the locals, but this dating guide for Henderson will be pretty short and sweet. If all you want to do is hook up with easy girls then most know the strip will still provide more options.

You don’t really find any nightclubs out in Henderson, but there are some singles bars like:

A few good romantic restaurants for a date would be:

This is such a transient town that it makes meeting single girls in Henderson pretty tough. So many people from around the country move here and don’t plan on putting down roots.

That means they don’t have the same respect for others as they would if they were in their hometown. That makes dating pretty hard and you never know who to trust. Plenty of those horny girls near you on Adult Friend Finder do live in this area so they may be your best option for getting laid.

Enjoy Dating Las Vegas Girls

Like many other tourist cities this city has a very high ceiling but also a pretty low floor. You can possibly have the night of your life, or you might stand in line for two hours, pay hundreds of dollars, and go home empty handed. The craps table isn’t the only place you will be gambling.

Try and get some free passes, or if you are out with a group of guys ask a group of girls if you can buy them a drink if they let you walk into the club together. Now you may be able to skip some of the line and have a prospect on your arm when you walk inside, and if you pick a hotel in the right area you might get her to come hook up in your room later on.

That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Las Vegas and the dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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