Best Places To Meet Girls In Bakersfield & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Bakersfield and a dating guide then this is the post for you. In this day and age picking up single women in your area isn’t always easy, but if you do get one to go out with you knowing the right spot for your date night will really improve your chances.

The first section is all about the best nightclubs and pick up bars to meet single girls in Bakersfield. Then after the nightlife we will cover trying to meet women during the day and a good online dating option here if you just want to hook up without signing your life away.

Once we have covered the best pick up methods we will then share our dating guide for Bakersfield. Romantic restaurants, cocktail bars for a date night, and other fun activities will be discussed.

Hopefully by the time you finish this you will have the confidence needed to make a real go at it.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Currently some of the best nightclubs and singles bars to pick up Bakersfield girls would be:

Nightlife has always been a great way to try to pick up local women. They go out, have a few drinks, loosen up, and the music and dancing can really get them in the mood to hook up.

These days it doesn’t feel the same, does it? Dance floors aren’t as crowded and people don’t seem to mingle like they used to. You go into a club or bar and see a group of sexy ladies standing at a table together taking selfies and not making eye contact with anyone.

This is the world we live in, even if they aren’t shooting you any looks of interest just go over and say hello. The worst they can do is reject you, don’t fear a rejection it happens to the best of us.

There really isn’t a great bar district in this city, most of the nightlife for singles can be found downtown. We will be including a map later to help you pick a spot to rent a hotel room if you are traveling through.

We need to point out that Casablanca is pretty much a gay club but with so few places to party here girls in your area do go there as well. Whether they are lesbians or looking for guys to hook up with will vary.

Of course there is a lot better partying in Los Angeles just a couple hours drive away if you aren’t liking the scene here and want to have a better shot of getting laid.

Meet Bakersfield Girls During The Day

If picking up local women at bars has become harder how is day game supposed to be any better? You definitely have to approach with caution these days and back off quickly if need be or get some ridiculous harassment charge just for saying hello.

Going out with the sole intent of trying to meet single women in Bakersfield during the day probably isn’t even worth your time anymore. If you do want to give it a shot try malls or shopping districts like:

  • Valley Plaza Mall
  • Northwest Promenade
  • Mercado Latino
  • The Marketplace
  • Food Maxx at Crossroads Shopping Center

Day game is a slow process and you can’t expect great results, our next section is more like speed dating in the 21st Century.

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Bakersfield singles nightlife hook up bars

While a lot of the dating scene appears to be on a downward trajectory there is at least something that is trending in the right direction. Online dating sites make it possible for you to actually connect with single girls near you instead of getting the Heisman in your face any time you approach at a bar.

These days face to face meets are very difficult unless you are in their social circle. If you want a completely cold approach you need to get where their attention is and that means get into their phone or computer.

We don’t mean sliding into their DM’s, that almost never works. Hot girls get thousands of DM’s a month and don’t have the time to read any of them.

Instead use online dating sites, the logic here is pretty simple. When a girl in your area signs up to a dating site what is her reasoning? Well, it is because she is ready to start dating and wants to meet guys near her.

So why would a girl in Bakersfield sign up for a dating site that is all about hooking up like Adult Friend Finder? Again, the logic is pretty simple: she is ready to hook up as soon as possible.

There are thousands of single women in California using Adult Friend Finder, and they are only on this specific site for one reason. If you are ready to get laid ASAP but don’t want a commitment then now you have your answer.

Hook pick up bars Bakersfield meet girls online get laid

Bakersfield Dating Guide

Now you are caught up on the ways to meet single girls near you and our Bakersfield dating guide is ready to help take you the rest of the way. Getting her to go out with you is as good of a start as you could hope for, but your work is just beginning.

If you want to keep the positive momentum going then take her to one of these romantic restaurants or cocktail bars on your date night:

After dinner go look for a spot in the nightlife to grab some drinks or see a show at the Fox Theater. The Well Comedy Club has also been bringing in some big acts lately and could make for a fun night out.

Day Date Ideas

Romantic first date night ideas Bakersfield singles bars

Try and get outside to enjoy a sunny afternoon if possible. Some great spots to go on a nice day are:

  • Polo Community Park
  • The River Walk
  • Mill Creek
  • Murray Family Farms

For a more sophisticated local date during the day head to:

  • Bakersfield Museum of Art
  • California Area Living Museum
  • Buena Vista Museum of Nature
  • Bakersfield Art Association

One of the nice things about this city is that on top of being close to LA you are only a 4 hour drive from the Vegas nightlife and the same distance from a weekend getaway to San Francisco.

Some may feel those cities are too played out, if so just take a quick weekend trip to Fresno for something different.

Enjoy Dating Bakersfield Girls

You made it all the way through our guide and hopefully now have all the necessary info to step up your game. We aren’t going to tell you things are easy out there, you probably already know that isn’t the case.

Dating is and always has been a numbers game. Put yourself in the places where single women near you frequent, dress well, mingle, and eventually things will go your way.

If you just want to get laid without all the strings that are usually attached remember to check out Adult Friend Finder and you will be hooking up in no time. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Bakersfield with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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