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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Chisinau with a dating guide then this is the right post for you. We have plenty to share about where you can pick up Moldovan women in your area and also many great places to take them out on a date night.

The singles nightlife in the Central District is where we will start, after that we will cover meeting single Chisinau girls during the day and mention a few options for online dating which may prove fruitful here. Local date night ideas and a lot of stuff to do together will also be mentioned towards the end.

If you are traveling all around the region be sure to check out our other European dating guides so you always show up to every city fully prepared.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

These days a lot of guys will only care about a list of singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Chisinau girls so here it is:

The main area for singles nightlife can be found downtown in the Central District. We will be including a map of Chisinau’s best bars, clubs, and date spots later to help you figure out exactly where to stay.

The area just South of Ștefan cel Mare Central Park is going to give you the most options to find a one night stand here. You can find plenty of pick up bars and nightclubs in your area and it is where most girls in Chisinau go to hook up.

One thing we do need to mention is that you shouldn’t be surprised to find some prostitutes at bars or clubs here. This is one of those cities where the hookers are all around the singles nightlife making it a bit difficult to know who is who.

If you spend enough time partying and trying to get laid here you will certainly run into some prostitutes at Chisinau bars and clubs. If you don’t want to pay to hook up just politely decline their offer and move on to the next.

On weekdays the clubs aren’t often very crowded but Thursday through Saturday nights they really get going. One other place you may want to try and meet single ladies would be karaoke bars around town.

A lot of guys think karaoke is lame and don’t consider them to be good spots to pick up women, but here that isn’t really the case as they are quite popular. During the summer you may want to head over to party with sexy girls at Arcadia Beach in Odessa.

Meet Chisinau Girls During The Day

All around the Central District you should have opportunities to approach Moldovan women throughout the day and evening. This downtown area is full of cafes and shops that can give you good options for where to go try and day game.

In the winter months when the weather is colder you can try to meet single Chisinau girls at malls and shopping districts like:

  • Atrium
  • Megapolis Mall
  • Sun City
  • Grand Hall
  • Jumbo
  • Shopping Malldova
  • Alfa City Shopping Mall

When it is really hot out go to Fanconi Riviera Summer Club to party during the day.

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Chisinau singles nightlife hook up bars

One of the great things about these modern times is how easy travel has become. For some this means you can see a bunch of cool places and show off to your friends on social media with cool selfies.

But many single men have begun to realize it is really easy to hook up with women when you are in a foreign country. Look guys, everyone likes to try a new experience and when you travel you can become that new experience.

It should be easier for you to meet people, find girls near you to go on dates with, and often times get laid a lot as well. Online dating makes this even easier because you can start making numerous contacts before you even fly into a country.

A couple decades ago that wasn’t an option and all you could do was make the most out of the nightlife for singles that you could. These days you can meet as many girls in Chisinau online as you want and even have date nights lined up before your plane has touched down.

As far as which dating site to use we aren’t going to tell you that there is a perfect option. We are big fans of Cupid Media here and you can try to take a look at these 3 sites they have that may work:

You can sign up to them for free and check out the selection of single women in Moldova using the sites before you proceed any further. We have checked a few times over the years and you never really know which of the 3 will be best at any given moment.

Or if you aren’t interested in dating and just want to hook up with Chisinau girls you met online you can also try Adult Friend Finder. It is always a great option when all you care about is getting laid in your area.

While there isn’t exactly a perfect option here at least you do have some choices and if you take a few minutes to check them out you will find the one that is right for your needs.

Where to get laid in Chisinau hook up with girls online

Chisinau Dating Guide

OK guys, at this point you know about the best ways to meet singles near you and it is time to pivot to our Chisinau dating guide. Once you get a girl to agree to go out with you then you will need to show her a good time on your date night.

Any of these romantic restaurants or cocktail bars could do the trick:

After dinner go grab some more drinks in the Central District nightlife or see a live performance at the Organ Hall or Moldova International Opera & Ballet.

Day Date Ideas

If you are reading this when the weather is nice then get outside to take advantage of it. Some good places to go on a sunny day would be:

  • Ștefan cel Mare Central Park
  • Dendrarium Park
  • Cathedral Park
  • Rose Valley
  • Valea Morilor

You should also go check out the botanical garden at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova or you may want to take a quick drive out to the Beciurile Cricova Winery. For some additional culture and sophistication on your date during the day try:

  • National Museum of History
  • National Museum of Ethnography & Natural History
  • Artmen Gallery
  • L Gallery
  • Alexander Pushkin House
  • Triumphal Arch

If you want to head somewhere for the weekend with the right girl Brasov is very romantic.

Tips For Tourists & Expats

We don’t have a ton more to share but do have a few things to mention that can hopefully make your trip go smoother and maybe even improve your chances of getting laid. The local currency is the Moldovan Leu which trades at about 19 for every Euro at the time of our last update.

One of the best things you can do is book a hotel room in the Central District. This will have you near all the best spots to search for a one night stand in the nightlife, plus it is near many of the best date spots in town.

If you want to hook up then give yourself all the advantages you can, and picking the right spot to make a home base is as key as anything. We also mentioned earlier that there will be some prostitutes at Chisinau bars and clubs which some guys may not know how to handle.

If you aren’t interested in them then just politely decline and try to find a girl who wants to hook up with you, not your wallet. Figuring out who is who isn’t easy, but if you go into a bar or club that has a ton of hot women who look like they might be waiting for customers then they probably are.

Also, be careful of any bars that have girls standing out front inviting you to come inside to buy them a drink. Those are the types of places where scams can happen, if ever in doubt just walk away and find somewhere better.

Enjoy Dating Chisinau Girls

At this point we feel like we have covered this town as well as we can. If you have any special tips or want to correct any out of date info here we would love for you to help us out in the comments.

Remember to check out those dating sites to meet Moldovan women online, or just use Adult Friend Finder when you are ready to hook up. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Chisinau with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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