Best Places To Meet Girls In Santiago de Compostela & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Santiago de Compostela with a dating guide then you are in the right place. It won’t take long at all for us to cover everything you need to know about picking up single women in your area and where to take them on a date night.

Hooking up in the nightlife will be the focus of our first section before pivoting towards meeting single Santiago de Compostela girls during the day and a sneaky good online dating site. Local date night ideas and plenty of cool things for the two of you to do together will also be discussed.

You can look through more of our dating and nightlife guides that cover numerous cities in Spain at that link.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Let’s get this going with a list of the best nightclubs and singles bars to pick up Santiago de Compostela girls:


The main area for singles nightlife is the Old Town, centering around Praza da Quintana. There are some streets in this city center area like Rua do Franco that are just loaded with bars.

With so many places to try and get laid in one small part of town we highly recommend that any tourists who are reading this pick a hotel in Old Town if hooking up with Santiago de Compostela girls is a big part of your goals. Well, even if it isn’t you still will want to be centrally located.

You should also remember that this is a university town so the singles nightlife is likely to be better when the students are in session. But in the summer when the uni girls in your area go home the touristy women start hitting the city so it kind of evens out then.

Speaking of tourists some of you reading this are probably traveling around the region and if so we can help you get laid in Porto if you will also be heading that way.

Meet Santiago de Compostela Girls During The Day

Don’t overthink this part guys. We just talked about how the Old Town area is where you can find many of the best things to do in the city, and that doesn’t just mean for nightlife.

If you hope to meet single Santiago de Compostela women during the day that part of town will give you the most opportunities. There are numerous cafes, restaurants, shops and things to do will be bringing people in all day and night.

Those that are young enough may have some success hanging out around the university. You probably don’t want to go into the library or anything, but the nearby parks and cafes could good spots to find girls in your area to chat up.

On a rainy day a mall like Centro Comercial As Cancelas is probably your best option.

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Santiago Compostela singles nightlife hook up bars

These days nobody chooses to stand on the road for twenty minutes to flag down a taxi when they can just order a ride off an app do they? Of course not, but we don’t get why some guys still haven’t realized that online dating sites offer you those same advantages of being easier and saving you money.

Just think about the last time you went out to a popular nightclub for a second. How many of the girls near you were actually giving any guys a chance? If your experiences have been anything like ours they were probably more interested in taking photos of themselves than mingling with the crowd.

How is a guy ever supposed to get laid if most girls only concern is if their latest selfie got any likes or not? But when you want to meet girls in Santiago de Compostela online who are actually interested in hooking up you can use Adult Friend Finder to save yourself a ton of time and hassle.

Many have no idea how popular this site has become across Europe. Any time you want you can get dressed up, wait in a long line, and get ripped off on your drinks to maybe find a cute girl in your area who will actually talk to you at a club and then hope she is ready to hook up.

Or you could just log on to Adult Friend Finder and start messaging girls who actually want to get laid right now. We know which option we prefer.

Santiago de Compostela Dating Guide

After filling you in on all of those ways to meet single girls near you this Santiago de Compostela dating guide needs to help prepare you for the next step. Hooking up on a date night usually only happens if you can show her a really good time.

Any of these romantic restaurants and cocktail bars should set a nice mood for the evening:

Then you can go party in the Old Town nightlife, or take her to see a live performance at venues like:

Day Date Ideas

In every guide we write we always start this section off by recommending you head outside if you are fortunate enough to get a sunny day. Here are some good places to take advantage of nice weather outdoors together:

  • Alameda Park
  • Parque de Bonaval
  • Parque Eugenio Granell

You can find some world class beaches at Las Islas Cies but it will take you a few hours to get there. Another cool place to visit outside of town is Cape Finisterre which is a little over an hour away.

Or you can just roam around Old Town and check out all the cool things to see and do there. For some more culture and sophistication on your date during the day try landmarks and museums like:

  • Praza da Quintana
  • Galicia Contemporary Art Center
  • Casa de Troya Museum
  • Museo del Pueblo Gallego
  • Museo das Peregrinacións e de Santiago
  • Cathedral of Santiago de Composetela
  • City of Culture

At some point you may want to take your girl on a trip, when the time comes go somewhere unique like Cadiz.

Enjoy Dating Santiago de Compostela Girls

We will be updating this post every few months so be sure to check back, but for now that is all we have. If you have any special tips or want to correct any out of date information here please go ahead and do so in the comments.

Those single women near you on Adult Friend Finder are almost always going to be the quickest and easiest to hook up with. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Santiago de Compostela with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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