Best Places To Meet Girls In Montego Bay & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Montego Bay with a dating guide then welcome to our site. You have some options when it comes to where you can pick up single women in your area and bring them for your date night.

This guide will begin with the Hip Strip nightlife before switching to where you can meet single Montego Bay girls during the day and how to use online dating sites to your advantage. Local date night ideas and things to do all throughout the day will also be mentioned towards the end.

We have already written many Jamaican travel guides for men that are looking for more new cities to explore.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

These days a lot of guys will only want to read a quick list of singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Montego Bay girls so here it is:

The main area for singles nightlife is the Hip Strip on Gloucester Avenue. This is the prime party spot in town and if you hope to have a one night stand get a hotel as close to the Hip Strip as possible.

We do want to mention that the nightlife here may be a bit different than you expect and it can be broken down into two different types that are both partying in the same place. First you have the tourists from all over the world, and those girls will be the easiest to hook up with for free.

They will not only be partying at the Hip Strip but at the bars and hotels in the resorts around the city. Some tourists don’t really like to leave the resort, so those spots can always be good places to look.

The other type of nightlife in Montego Bay is prostitutes at the bars and clubs. We don’t mean to say every Jamaican woman is a prostitute, of course that isn’t the case, but many of them in this area are.

They come here specifically because they know it is where the real money can be made. Is it possible to get laid with a Montego Bay girl for free? Of course, but expect there to be many freelance hookers out partying at the Hip Strip.

If you don’t want to pay to hook up with women in your area then try to pick up other tourists. Hopefully there are big groups of single ladies or large cruise ships porting during your trip.

We try to avoid the whole prostitution talk but in some places it can’t be avoided and this is one of them. We wrote the same thing when talking about picking up girls in Negril and in many other touristy Caribbean cities.

Meet Montego Bay Girls During The Day

This is another pretty easy section to figure out. If your goal is to hook up and the women near you visiting from foreign countries will be the easiest to hook up with go where they will be.

The hotel pools and bars are a solid option, but the beaches are better ones. Some of the best beaches in the area are:

  • Doctor’s Cave Beach
  • Cornwall Beach
  • Dead End Beach
  • Walter Fletcher Beach

Walk around the touristy areas and look for groups of single ladies signing up for any sorts of tours or day trips and tag along. You can also always try to meet Montego Bay girls at malls and shopping districts like:

  • Fairview Shopping Center
  • St James Place Shopping Plaza
  • Baywest Shopping Plaza
  • City Centre Shopping Mall
  • Westgate Shopping Centre

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Montego Bay nightlife hook up bars

These girls really can’t put their phones down can they? There are many single men out there that have realized that sometimes it can be very easy to hook up with women when you are a foreigner in their country. We all like to have new experiences and when you travel that new experience can be you.

A foreigner can often find it easier to meet people, set up date nights, and that leads to many more opportunities to get laid. Online dating makes this even easier because you can start to make things happen before you arrive in town.

It wasn’t really all that long ago that none of this was an option and you just had to make the most out of the Hip Strip nightlife for singles that you could. These days you can meet as many girls in Montego Bay online as you want and even have date nights lined up before your plane has touched down.

In this part of the world the best online dating site is Caribbean Cupid and using it will really improve your odds of getting laid with the women in your area while you are in town. Plan well before you arrive and hooking up will almost be a certainty instead of a roll of the dice.

For many men out there using Caribbean Cupid is the most important preparation they can do before their trip.

Where to get laid Montego Bay hook up girls online

Montego Bay Dating Guide

We just fully broke down the top ways to meet single girls near you and it is time to pivot to our Montego Bay dating guide. If you show her a good time on a date night she will hopefully want to make you happy in return.

These romantic restaurants and cocktail bars should work well:

Day Date Ideas

We listed the best beaches in the area earlier and they will be the best spot for a date during the day. Some more good places to take advantage of nice weather outdoors together away from the sand would be:

  • Abeokuta Paradise Nature Park
  • Montego Bay Marine Park
  • Rocklands Bird Sanctuary
  • Green Grotto Caves
  • Martha Brae River
  • Dunn’s River Falls

You can go rafting down the Martha Brae River, or you might want to go bobsledding down Mystic Mountain. To get a taste of the history and culture of the area on your date during the day try:

  • Montego Bay Cultural Centre
  • Ahhh…Ras Natango Gallery & Garden
  • Rose Hall

If you want another romantic city to visit with the girl you love go to Ocho Rios next. Or if she has never left Jamaica take her to Grand Cayman Island.

Enjoy Dating Montego Bay Girls

OK guys, at this point we have covered this town as well as we can. If you want to share any of your own tips or if anything here is out of date please let us know in the comments.

The local currency trades at about 150 for every US dollar at the time we last updated this. Remember that weed is illegal, buying a joint is unlikely to get you into trouble but higher quantities definitely could.

Don’t forget about the single local women on Caribbean Cupid, if you want to hook up while you are here start chatting with them before you arrive on the island. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Montego Bay with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

Hook up Montego Bay women dating guide for men

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