Best Places To Meet Girls In Port Said & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Port Said with a dating guide we are here to offer as much assistance as we can. Finding a good date spot won’t be the hard part, finding women near you to go out with will.

What most consider nightlife is very difficult to find here, but we will mention the best options that you do have. After that we will discuss trying to pick up single Port Said girls during the day as well as a couple of online dating options you can try.

Local date night ideas and all sorts of stuff to do throughout the day will also be getting mention as we go on. This post is pretty similar to our Cairo dating guide, this is a conservative country which means hooking up rarely comes quickly or easily.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Our list of the best nightclubs and singles bars to pick up Port Said girls would be:

But the thing is, the nightlife here is extremely limited. Egypt may not be the most conservative country in the world but it is pretty high up there and most locals don’t drink which means hooking up with Port Said girls can be pretty difficult.

Our best advice would be for you to try and pick up tourists who are visiting from other countries who are likely to be much more interested in getting laid than the local women. In fact the nicer hotels in town have bars which might be the best venues to visit, or look for locals that don’t dress conservatively.

If they have tattoos, dye their hair, have piercings or smoke cigarettes they probably aren’t as traditional as most which means you will have a better chance. Of course if a long term relationship is the goal then none of that matters, but if all you want is a quick hook up it certainly does.

If you are a tourist reading this while planning a trip maybe consider reading through more of our posts on Africa, don’t worry plenty of other cities on the continent have much better nightlife for singles.

Meet Port Said Girls During The Day

Look guys, if it is hard to hook up in the nightlife then day game is going to be even harder. Do you really think that conservative women are going to be handing their number out to strangers and going out with them later that night?

That is going to be extremely rare and most likely you will be wasting your time. If you do want to go that route remember to look for tourists or less conservative single Port Said women.

You can try to pick up girls in your area at malls and shopping districts like:

  • Sun Mall
  • Sou2 El Samak
  • El-Noras Grand Mall

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Port Said singles nightlife hook up bars

We keep mentioning it because we really want to make sure you understand that just about all of the women here do not really hook up with strangers. In fact they can get in legal trouble if they do and most don’t care about getting laid just for fun, they want to sleep with their husband or a very long time girlfriend.

All the guys who live here that are reading this already know how hard that struggle can be. However the internet will give you the best chance you can get because it will get you in contact with a lot of single girls near you faster than anything else can.

There are a couple of dating sites we want to mention, the first being Afro Introductions. This is the largest and most well respected dating site in Africa and you can find thousands of single girls in your area of Egypt using it. Next up would be for religious men who are searching for a Muslim bride.

You will probably have more success with fast hook ups on Afro Introductions though it will also be a good place for serious relationships. won’t be great for getting laid a lot, but it can help you find your life partner.

Choose the one that sounds best for your personal needs and message as many women as you can to give yourself the best chance possible.

Where to get laid in Port Said hook up with girls online

Port Said Dating Guide

It won’t be easy to meet single girls near you but effort can make it happen and once it does hopefully our Port Said dating guide will make sure the two of you have a great time together. Hooking up on a date night will only be possible if you are able to show her a really good time.

One of these romantic restaurants should work out very well:

After your meal try and party in the nightlife at a nice hotel bar, walk along the water, or take a Suez Canal night cruise.

Day Date Ideas

Speaking of the Suez Canal it is the most famous place in the city and can be a lot of fun on a date during the day. You could also take the ferry to Port Fouad or Tennis Island which are cool for a quick trip. Many girls are addicted to caffeine these days so grabbing a coffee at Central Perk Cafe might be a good idea.

Walk along the Corniche or see what you can find at Manshiah Square. Then go have some lunch at Makhboza. Those who are into history would enjoy going to:

  • El Nasr Museum For Modern Art
  • Military Museum
  • Ferdinand de Lesseps Statue
  • Port Said Lighthouse
  • St. Therese Marionate Church
  • Saint Bishoy Coptic Orthodox Church

Take a trip to Alexandria if you have already been to Cairo too many times and want to check out a new city.

Enjoy Dating Port Said Girls

We know this post was a bit doom and gloomy, but did you want us to lie? There are so few nightclubs or bars here which makes hooking up extremely tough.

The guys who use Afro Introductions to message a lot of single women near you will be getting laid a lot quicker than those who don’t. Plus will also work great for a long term relationship.

That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Port Said with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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