Best Places To Meet Girls In Mykonos & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Mykonos with a dating guide then we can fill you in. There are plenty of places on this party island to pick up single women in your area and also some great spots for a date night.

We always start with the nightlife, but here it feels even more mandatory. After we cover the bars and clubs to try and hook up we will move on to meeting single Mykonos girls during the day or how you can use online dating sites to your advantage.

Local date night spots and numerous casual things to do during the day other than party will also be discussed. The goal is to get you the info you want as quickly as we can so lets get going.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

There are some great singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Mykonos girls:

There really are two main areas for singles nightlife a guy may want to stay at on a trip here. Paradise Beach and Mykonos Town are the two best places to party, luckily they are only about 15 minutes from each other and there are plenty of shuttles or taxis that can get you to either.

You might find more partying girls in Mykonos Town looking to hook up after dark. It probably is slightly better for nightclubs, and definitely has more to offer when it comes to restaurants and spots for a date night.

Paradise Beach and Super Paradise do have their fair share of places to meet girls near you for a one night stand, but they might be a bit better for day game. If you are visiting during late June through mid August pretty much everywhere you go will offer chances to get laid as the whole island will be packed.

During the rest of the year choosing the perfect place to stay would be more important. For more fun party towns to visit during the summer check out all the singles nightlife on Hvar Island or Ios.

Meet Mykonos Girls During The Day

We just kind of covered this, but in the summer you will be able to meet single girls in your area just about anywhere. Paradise Beach and Super Paradise would be the two main party beaches, Tropicana being the most infamous spot in town.

But when people come here there whole goal is to party, relax on the beach, party, and put that playlist on repeat. Walk around Paradise Beach looking for some approachable girls and make your move.

If you aren’t a fan of beach game and get sick of the wild party scene Matoyianni Street has many shops and cafes that could be good for picking up.

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Mykonos Town nightlife hook up bars

We aren’t going to tell you that this is a great place for online dating. Lets face it, this is a tourist beach town so most people are only going to be here for a few days, yourself included most likely.

You aren’t going to have time to sign up to one of those sites to pick up local girls based on both of your responses to 847 questions. You are going to need to meet girls in your area who want to hook up right then, and that is where the speed of ‘dating’ on Adult Friend Finder can help you out.

This site isn’t about finding your future bride, it is about getting laid. There are hundreds of girls in Greece on Adult Friend Finder, and tens of thousands around Europe.

You can try to use it meet single girls in Mykonos, or maybe you should use it in your home town where it isn’t quite as easy to find party girls as it is here.

Where to get laid in Mykonos hook up with girls online

Mykonos Dating Guide

There are going to be so many places to meet single girls near you but our Mykonos dating guide is going to cover something other than partying. In a beautiful beach paradise you won’t have a hard time finding a good place to take her.

Any of these romantic restaurants or cocktail bars should be great for a local date night:

Day Date Ideas

Girls visit Mykonos to enjoy the beach, don’t overthink it. However if you want to try and find a calmer beach for a casual date during the day try:

  • Ornos Beach
  • Paraga
  • Elia Beach
  • Psarrou Beach
  • Agios Ioannis

You could also take a walk through the Little Venice neighborhood, or visit one of these landmarks:

  • Lena’s House Folk Museum
  • Archaeological Museum of Mykonos
  • Delos

Be sure to check out all the awesome sites to see on a date in Athens if you will also be heading that way.

Enjoy Dating Mykonos Girls

After reading all of the above you should be able to come up with a solid plan that suits your style. Not all guys will want to pick up the same way, and we won’t all enjoy the same type of date night either.

Any time you are in a party beach setting like this you really need to be aggressive if you hope to get laid with girls in your area. If you aren’t the thousands of other single men around definitely will be.

Always be looking to hook up right then, don’t just get their contact info to set up a date later on. By the time your date is supposed to go down numerous other guys will have already hit on her, is she really going to blow them all off for you?

Maybe, but more likely the girls in Mykonos will get drunk at some point and do something spontaneous. Try to push for that quick spontaneous hook up, nice guy slow game will just leave you wondering why she quit replying to your messages.

Don’t forget about all the single women near you in Greece who are using Adult Friend Finder to get laid either. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Mykonos with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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