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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Lagos, Nigeria and a dating guide for this city then you are where you need to be. While we are not experts on this city by any means we do know some and have put in a bunch of research to learn even more.

We expect many of the guys reading this to be tourists or new expats to Nigeria, so at the end of the post we will give some tips for you to enjoy your stay even more. Any time you travel internationally there are going to be some cultural differences, but Africa can take them to the next level.

You definitely are going to want to stay in the nicer area of town which is Victoria Island. Luckily this also happens to be where many of the best pick up bars and nightclubs to meet single girls in Lagos are located.

The local singles nightlife is where we will begin, it is where many guys have success with hooking up. We will also talk about trying to meet women during the day in a chaotic city like this, and online dating will be covered which it is a great option here.

Then we will switch it up and begin our dating guide for your area. Once again many of the best romantic restaurants and cocktail bars for a date will be on or near Victoria Island. After all of that we will get into the tips for tourists and new expats. If you also have any interest in visiting Ibadan we covered that city here.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

If you hope to hook up then visit singles bars and nightclubs to pick up girls in Lagos like:

Now that you have your list of hook up bars let’s discuss the Nigerian dating culture. As most know this is an extremely poor country and good jobs are very hard to come by.

Many women in your area don’t have much opportunity and that leads to rampant prostitution. Now if you were a sexy lady looking to get paid to hook up are you going to go searching for customers in the slums, or are you going to go to the tourist nightlife district where all the real money is?

Many of the best pick up spots we mentioned are on or near Victoria Island, and this is also the area that will have the most prostitutes. Not every girl in the Lagos singles nightlife will be wanting money, but many will, and even an experienced guy might not be able to solve that rubik’s cube. This is common all over Africa as well as many other areas of the world that are impoverished.

That video from above was taken at the Quilox pool parties which look like a whole lot of fun. Overall this won’t be a tough city to figure out, if you want to party and maybe get laid book a room near Victoria Island and go try to hook up there after dark.

A couple other cities with good nightlife to pick up women in Africa are Abidjan in the Ivory Coast and Kinshasa in Congo.

Meet Lagos Girls During The Day

Meeting single girls in Lagos during the day needs to be done in the right way. In many of our guides on this site we talk about going to touristy parts of town on the street with heavy foot traffic to try to pick up women in your area.

Don’t do that here for a variety of reasons. First off, this is an overcrowded city with way too many people around so you won’t find many good spots to try to chat a girl up anyways.

Secondly, the streets are often going to be pretty grimy and chaotic places where women won’t feel safe or comfortable getting approached by strangers. In certain areas of Victoria Island you might find some nice clean streets with cafes around for day game, but you will be better off using your time in other ways.

Specifically by going to shopping malls, ladies will be strolling through all day and night and they won’t have their guard up like they would on the street. Or online dating would be an even better use of your time, but some of the best malls to meet girls in Lagos are:

  • Mega Plaza Shopping Mall Victoria Island
  • Palms Shopping Mall Victoria Island
  • Lagos City Mall
  • Shoprite Ikeja City Mall

If the weather is nice you could also try to pick up women at the Eko Hotel Poolside Bar or Elegushi Beach.

Chat With Girls Online

Sexy girls near you Lagos singles nightlife Victoria Island

A lot of guys might be a bit scared to try to meet girls in Nigeria online because of all the scams you may have heard about in this country. Before we even get into the best dating site to use lets get that out of the way first, but stick around because online dating is a great resource for you to use.

Are there lots of online scammers here? Yes, absolutely, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to meet women online. Just be smart about it and don’t send money to anyone you don’t know. That simple easy step right there just wiped out 98% of all scam attempts.

Another thing you should not do is send any sexual pictures, videos, or have webcam sex with any Lagos girls you meet online, particularly if your face is shown. If you do that there is a small chance they try to extort you by threatening to post them on social media with your name or send them to your friends.

OK, so now you know how to avoid the scams here and if you have some common sense they are easy enough to be avoided. Meeting sexy girls in Lagos online on Afro Introductions is a great way for single guys to get dates or hook up in this city.

The infrastructure here ain’t the best, getting around town is a pain in the ass and you never know how it is going to play out. But chatting with sexy local ladies online and setting up a date is a whole lot easier.

Plus you can contact so many in a short amount of time, and you can even start getting numbers before you arrive to the city. Technology really makes our lives easier in many ways and when it comes to dating and getting laid Afro Introductions is as important of a tool as a guy could find out about.

Where to get laid in Lagos hook up with girls online

Lagos Dating Guide

Now you know of the best places to meet girls near you and our Lagos dating guide can take over. If you have taken the above advice you should have a special someone or many special someones in mind and will now be looking for ways to show them a good time.

We will begin with some of the best romantic restaurants and cocktail bars in Lagos for a date night:

As you can see many of the above are also on Victoria Island. If you are looking for a more traditional Nigerian experience then head to Bogobiri House for a unique date night.

Day Date Ideas

We have a few good day date ideas and most of them revolve around nature. We always think that is the best way to enjoy the afternoon, and hopefully your Lagos girl will agree.

Try to take your afternoon date at one of these spots outdoors:

  • Ember Creek
  • Lekki Conservation Center
  • Lekki Leisure Lake
  • Tarkwa Bay
  • Eleko Beach

Maybe you want to bring a picnic with you, or you could stop and get something to eat before or after. If the weather is nice any of the above should be great options.

A unique coffee shop for a fun date in Lagos is called Jazzhole at 168 Awolowo Road in Ikoyi. They have all sorts of books, records, and sometimes will even have live music playing. You could also go to the Nike Art Center to see some cool paintings and sculptures.

Tips For Tourists & Expats

Now we have some travel and dating tips for tourists and expats. We sort of hit on the main points already but feel like they need to be mentioned again.

Impoverished countries don’t have the same infrastructure that you might be used to, then throw in overcrowding and navigating a city like this one can be pretty difficult. For that reason, and your safety, it is probably best to spend the extra money to get a hotel on or near Victoria Island.

You don’t want to accidentally stay in the wrong area of town, and you don’t want to have to deal with the horrible traffic you will find here when you want to go out to pick up girls or on your dates in Lagos. If you can afford it spend the extra money for a good location, if not then good luck.

We talked about the scams in the online dating section, luckily most scam attempts here aren’t well planned out. If someone asks you for money say no and break contact with them, it really is pretty simple to avoid. Speaking of money you get around 790 naira for every dollar as of our last update, up a whole lot from the 360 it had held at for a couple of years before the pandemic.

On the street if you get people walking up to you trying to offer you things just politely say no and keep walking. You probably don’t want what they have to offer and the longer you linger the more likely you are to get taken advantage of.

The hardest thing for many guys reading this will be to figure out if the sexy ladies of the night in Lagos, particularly on Victoria Island, are hookers or not. We wish we could give you some tips, but in many cases you should lean more towards they probably are instead of thinking they probably aren’t.

If in doubt and if not wanting to pay the simplest thing you can do is ask. Don’t say ‘are you a whore?’ but instead be more subtle about it and ask if they are expecting to get paid if you get laid. Or you can just go hook up and if they ask you for cash in the morning you can decide how to proceed from there.

If you are loving it on this continent and are looking for new places to explore try Addis Ababa in Ethiopia next. Some of you may not want to leave Nigeria, if that is the case Benin City could also be a lot of fun.

Enjoy Dating Lagos Girls

We don’t want to make it sound like all women in Nigeria are prostitutes that isn’t the case. But many that tourists come in contact with are, and it is as much about their situation as anything else. Plus the dating culture in Africa often has the man giving a woman some compensation when they sleep with each other, lets face it this happens all over the world when people hook up whether many feminists want to admit it or not.

Our suggestion is to try to meet single girls near you online on Afro Introductions before you arrive so that you have some dates lined up before you even get here. Or if you are already in town and aren’t liking the singles nightlife scene try online dating instead to get through any slumps you might be in.

That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Lagos, Nigeria and the dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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