Best Places To Meet Girls In Hua Hin & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Hua Hin with a dating guide then welcome to our site. Once you are in town it should be pretty easy to figure out where to pick up single women in your area or find things to do on your date night.

We always like to begin with the nightlife before moving on to where you can meet single Hua Hin girls during the day. Next up we will cover the best online dating sites which can work really well in this country.

After you read about the best ways to pick up around town we will cover things to do on a local date while you are here. Throughout the post we will be dropping little tips and nuggets for guys who have never tried to hook up in Thailand before.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

These days a lot of guys will only care about a list and won’t have time to read a full blog post. Some of the best singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Hua Hin girls would be:

The main area for singles nightlife can be found right by the beach in the heart of the tourist section around Soi Selakam. Not only can you go to the singles bars we listed, but you can also try to hook up with girls at the Hua Hin Night Market.

It is located by many of the best places to party and look for a one night stand in the city. If your goal is to meet some sexy ladies and try to get laid then get a hotel as close to the nightlife as possible.

One thing that we always need to point out in Thailand or many places in Asia is that there will be plenty of prostitutes at bars here. Soi Bintabaht would be where you find the red light district and Go Go’s, if you don’t want to pay to get laid then stay out of that area.

Over by the Night Market and Blue Monkey you will find plenty of places to party, but don’t be surprised if some prostitutes come down that way as well. Hopefully you are in town when a group of sexy girls from Bangkok come in to have a good time and hook up.

Meet Hua Hin Girls During The Day

Why do people come to a beach town? To spend time at the beach right? So that would probably be a good place to try and meet girls in Hua Hin during the day.

Beaches in Asia are not like what you may be expecting, don’t plan on seeing lots of sexy Thai girls in tiny bikinis prancing around. Usually Asian girls will wear normal clothes when they swim to cover their bodies.

If you do see a Thai girl in a thong then there is a good chance she was working in Soi Bintabaht the night before. If you visit during peak tourist season (from around November through March) there should be women from around the world to hit on by the beach.

Naebkehardt Road can be good for day game, or you can possibly meet single girls at malls and shopping districts like:

  • Blú Port
  • Market Village
  • The Venezia
  • Seen Space Beach Front Mall
  • G Hua Hin Resort & Mall

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Hua Hin singles nightlife hook up bars

Any time a guy travels to a new country there will be some things working for you while others will not be in your favor. The main positive is that some women in your area really want to date or hook up with foreign men.

One of the main downsides is that communicating could be very difficult. Also, whenever you are getting to a new city it isn’t exactly easy to just jump into the game and make things happen.

That is where Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid come into play. These are the biggest and best dating sites in the country and will allow you to start to meet single girls in Hua Hin online before you ever get here.

You can chat, do a video call, and hopefully by the time you arrive in town they are really curios to meet up with you. You will find all types of women on Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid, most will want to enter a serious relationship but others will be on there just because they need to get laid.

Unfortunately there will also be some prostitutes around but they are usually pretty easy to screen out. If you are traveling around the country and hoping to hook up with girls near you along the way you won’t find a better wingman.

Where to get laid in Hua Hin hook up with girls online

Hua Hin Dating Guide

We just fully covered plenty of places to meet singles near you, now we need to pivot to our Hua Hin dating guide. Being able to show a woman a good time on a date night is what can separate the men from the boys.

Luckily you are in a beautiful beach town so finding a good spot for a date won’t be hard. Any of these romantic restaurants or cocktail bars should work quite well:

The Hua Hin Night Market or Cicada Market could also make for a good date night, then head out to party by the beach later on.

Day Date Ideas

Keep it simple and just take your girl to the beach during the day. That is what she will want to do more than anything else so let her relax and get some sun.

If you get bored of that you have plenty of other options here like the Van Nava Water Jungle or Black Mountain Water Park. Other parks that are worth checking out are:

  • Hua Hin Safari & Adventure Park
  • Ratchapak Park
  • Santorini Park

You can usually find plenty of cool stuff to check out around Plearn Wan as well. For something a bit more cultured on your date during the day try these landmarks around the area:

  • Huay Mongkol Temple
  • Wat Khao Takiap
  • For Art’s Sake
  • Baan Sillapin Artists Village
  • Maruekathaiyawan Palace

Another great beach party destination in Thailand is Phuket.

Enjoy Dating Hua Hin Girls

We often include a travel section when in foreign countries, but in a touristy beach town you don’t really need one. The local currency is the baht and it trades at about 36 for every US Dollar as of our last update.

The main thing you need to do is get a well situated hotel near the nightlife by the beach. If you do that you will really be increasing your chances of pulling a girl and hooking up. You should download the Line app which is the main app for texting here.

Also don’t forget to use Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly before you come. This will help you meet women in your area online and get laid as you travel all around the country.

That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Hua Hin with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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