Best Places To Meet Girls In Cordoba & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Cordoba with a dating guide then we have you covered. This can be a really fun town to visit with numerous spots to pick up single women in your area and also some cool things to do on a date night.

We will start off this post by covering the nightlife like usual, then we will switch it up to meeting single Cordoba girls during the day and the best online dating option. Local date night ideas and things to do during the day will also be discussed.

The goal is to get you the info you want as quickly as we can no matter if you are traveling here with your wife or are looking for some beautiful women from Argentina to hook up with.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

We like to begin with a list of singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Cordoba girls for the impatient among us:

The main area to try and hook up with girls is in Nueva Cordoba to the north of Plaza Espana up to Rondeau. A little to the west you can find more bars, clubs, and places to try and get laid in Guemes, and farther away in Chateau you will find more spots to party.

If you are traveling through town looking for the best area for singles nightlife get a hotel in Nueva Cordoba. This will not only have you near the best bars and clubs to search for a one night stand but also many of the top spots for a date night in the city.

One of the keys to getting laid is logistics, stay in the right part of town to increase your chances of hooking up. Even though this city is not nearly as big as Buenos Aires it has the same reputation for great singles nightlife thanks to the many universities here.

Meet Cordoba Girls During The Day

Those numerous universities can also be good places to try and meet Cordoba girls during the day. There are a handful of large ones and all should have plenty of girls walking around campus, through nearby parks, or at cafes and shops in the area.

Both Plaza Espana and Plaza San Martin should have plenty of single women passing through when the sun is up as well. Or you can always try to pick up girls near you at malls and shopping districts like:

  • Patio Olmos Shopping
  • Córdoba Shopping Center
  • Paseo del Jockey
  • Dinosaur Mall Alto Verde
  • Nuevocentro Shopping

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Nueva Cordoba nightlife hook up bars

When a man travels there will be some things working for him, but not everything will be to his advantage. The main positive is that the foreigner from another country can make many local single women curious. For some that means they will want to date him, while others may just want to have a new experience and hook up quickly.

On the other end of the spectrum communication might be really hard, you are going to need to know Spanish here to have maximum success. Plus any time you are just arriving in a new town and don’t know anyone it isn’t exactly easy to just jump into the game and make things happen.

That is where Latin American Cupid comes into play. This is the biggest dating site in Argentina and will allow you to start to meet single girls in Cordoba from anywhere in the world.

You can chat, do a video call, and get to know them so that by the time you finally meet they are even more curious than before. Latin American Cupid will have all types of women in your area on it, most will want to enter a serious relationship but others will be on there just because they need to get laid.

If you are traveling around Argentina and hoping to hook up along the way nothing will increase your chances as much as this site can.

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Cordoba Dating Guide

We just fully covered the best ways to meet singles near you, now let’s pivot to our Cordoba dating guide. You are going to need to be on point during your date night, luckily there are plenty of cool places to go out here.

Any of these romantic restaurants or cocktail bars should hopefully work well for you:

After dinner and drinks you can cap your date night off at Teatro del Libertador General San Martín or party at Nueva Cordoba.

Day Date Ideas

Nothing should put a smile on a girls face like a great day under the sun together. Here are some of the top places to take advantage of nice weather outdoors:

  • Sarmiento Park
  • Parque de las Tejas
  • Córdoba Botanical Garden
  • Paseo de Las Artes

You could also visit these museums and landmarks:

  • Museo Historico UNC Manzana Jesuitica
  • Museo Superior de Bellas Artes Evita
  • Paseo del Buen Pastor
  • Cathedral of Cordoba
  • Caraffa Fine Arts Museum

You can check out a list of date spots and pick up bars in Montevideo, Uruguay at that link. Or if you don’t want to leave to country head to Mendoza.

Tips For Tourists & Expats

This section will be pretty quick because this is not that hard of a town to figure out. Book your hotel in the Nueva Cordoba singles nightlife area and you will be well ahead of the game when it comes to hooking up with sexy Argentine ladies.

With that said even if you plan your trip perfectly and have good game casual sex is not that common here. Expect most women to make you take them on a few dates and prove you have good intentions before you get laid.

For some tourists who are just passing through town the lack of a hook up culture can make things more difficult. One thing you definitely need to do is learn as much Spanish as possible before you come.

The gringo who is leaving town in a few days and can’t communicate with the locals is unlikely to hook up unless luck is on his side. Oh ya, this is the travel section so we should mention that the local currency is the Argentine Peso and you get around 155 for every dollar at the time of our last update, way up from 35 a few short years ago.

Enjoy Dating Cordoba Girls

This is one of those towns that some will love and some will hate. With so many universities around and such great nightlife you can have an awesome time.

On the other hand most women here aren’t looking to get laid with a stranger. Run social circle game, or better yet try to meet single women in your area on Latin American Cupid before you get here to increase your likelihood of hooking up.

That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Cordoba with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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