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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Tainan plus a dating guide welcome to WorldDatingGuides. We have quite a bit to share about where you can pick up single women in your area and take them out on a date night.

Our guide will get started with the nightlife before covering where you can meet single Tainan girls during the day and which online dating site will work best here, particularly for guys who just want to hook up quick. Next we will talk about some date night ideas and stuff to do when the sun is up as well.

At the end we will share some quick travel tips for any expats or tourists who don’t have a full lay of the land yet.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

We always like to start these off with a list of singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Tainan girls so here you go:

There really is not one main area for singles nightlife here but many of the best bars and clubs to try and pick up women and get laid can be found in the West Central District and up towards the North District. Haian Road in West Central has plenty of places to grab a drink, though we wouldn’t exactly call it a singles nightlife hot spot to search for a one night stand.

Still, it is a centrally located area close enough to most of the other places to try and hook up with Tainan girls. You may also want to go to the Garden Night Market or Xiaobei Night Market to grab some cheap drinks and see who else is out and about.

Don’t expect to find mega nightclubs full of sexy girls like in Taiwan, but you can find a decent party here if you look hard enough.

Meet Tainan Girls During The Day

Our standard advice for where to try and meet single ladies in your area during the day is generally to head to malls and shops, things are no different here. Some of the best places for day game would be:

  • Shinkong Mitsukoshi Mall
  • Taiwan Spinning
  • Sunrider Tainan
  • New Life Square
  • Zhongzheng Xingxiang Shopping District

You can also try out some of the markets we listed above, or just roam around the Anping and West Central Districts and look for more streets that have lots of shops and cafes on them.

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Tainan singles nightlife hook up bars

The internet has changed our lives in many ways, one of the biggest changes for some single men is that they have figured out you can be a lot more likely to get laid when you visit a foreign country. Just about all people like to try new experiences and when you are the exotic man in a strange place you can be that new experience.

Online dating has compounded this effect because you can begin to meet girls online to potentially hook up with before you are even in their town. A couple decades ago the nightlife for singles was pretty much your only chance, but not today.

Now you can meet as many girls in Tainan online as you want and begin to line up some date nights before your plane has touched down. Right now Asian Match Mate is really booming in Taiwan, it is a relatively new site that is geared more towards hooking up than serious dating.

You might meet the girl of your dreams and fall in love when you use it, but more likely you will just find some cool down to earth women in your area who want to get laid with no drama. If that sounds like something you might also be interested in then take a look at Asian Match Mate, we think you will like what you see.

Where to get laid in Tainan hook up with girls online

Tainan Dating Guide

Now that you are caught up on where to meet single girls near you this Tainan dating guide needs to switch over to faze 2. Getting her to go out with you is as good of a start as you could hope for but now you have to show her a good time on your date night.

Any of these romantic restaurants or cocktail bars could do the trick:

After dinner you could go party in the nightlife, stroll around the night markets, or see if there is a special performance on your date night at the Tainan Cultural Center.

Day Date Ideas

Let’s start with some simple day dates, head outdoors for a walk at nice parks like:

  • Taijiang National Park
  • Yongkang Park
  • Tainan Metropolitan Park

Fort Provintia is definitely one of the coolest sites in the city and the Anping Tree House is also really cool. For even more culture and sophistication on your date during the day try:

  • Koxinga Shrine & Museum
  • Tainan Art Museum
  • National Museum of Taiwan Literature
  • Confucius Temple
  • Chi Mei Museum
  • Black Bridge Sausage Museum

For a weekend getaway you could head to either Kaohsiung or Taichung and probably have a great time.

Tips For Tourists & Expats

We don’t have a ton more to cover but there are some other things for us to discuss that can hopefully help your travels go smoother and may even assist in you hooking up. Unfortunately there is not a metro system here yet but they plan to break ground on one soon.

The local currency is the NT$ which trades at about 30 for every US dollar as of our latest update. Remember that you want to try and book a hotel in the West Central District, even if there isn’t one perfect spot to enjoy the singles nightlife with Tainan girls that area will have you in a good position.

Logistics are always key, choose the right home base in the right area and you will be much more likely to get laid while here.

Enjoy Dating Tainan Girls

Well then, we feel like we have covered this town in full. If you have any tips and tricks to share or if anything on here becomes out of date please go ahead and let us know in the comments.

Don’t forget about those single women near you on Asian Match Mate who are waiting around for guys to hook up with. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Tainan with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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