Best Places To Meet Girls In Liverpool & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Liverpool with a dating guide then we have you covered. This city is loaded with opportunities to pick up single women in your area and also has some great spots for a date night.

The singles nightlife is where this guide will start, next we will move on to where you can meet Liverpool girls during the day or how you can use online dating sites to speed everything up. Local date night spots and numerous ideas for fun things for you to do together will also be discussed.

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Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

We know many of you are only here to read a quick list of singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Liverpool girls so here it is:

The main area for singles nightlife is all right downtown in the city center. There is a great pub district around Concert Square in the Rope Walks which is always a good area to begin your search for a one night stand.

You can find more girls looking to hook up in Liverpool’s nightlife at bars and clubs along Seel Street, Mathew Street, at The Docks, and there is more of a student nightlife scene around Hardman Street. These are all relatively close to each other making things pretty simple.

Try to get a hotel in the Rope Walks area or anywhere in the city center and your odds of getting laid will go up a lot. We will be including a nightlife and date spot map later to help you pin point the exact location for your needs even better.

If you are looking for a good weekend to visit come during late August or early September when the Fusion Festival is going on. Overall you shouldn’t expect to find as many places to party here as you will in London, but you won’t be lacking for any options either.

Meet Liverpool Girls During The Day

Once again that same downtown area we were just discussing is going to be great for picking up Liverpool women during the day. Tourists will be out around the Albert Docks, while plenty of ladies will be shopping or going to cafes and restaurants all over the city center.

A lot of guys like to go to malls to try and meet girls in your area during the day, some of the best in the city are:

  • Liverpool One
  • Clayton Square
  • New Mersey Shopping Park
  • Metquater Shopping Complex
  • Cavern Walks
  • Aintree Shopping Park
  • St Johns Shopping Centre

Liverpool One is very centrally located and staying near it would also be a fantastic idea. Then you can use the metro system to get around the city as well.

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Liverpool singles nightlife hook up bars

Alright guys can we ask you something? Do you feel like it has become harder to meet new people these days? We don’t even just mean pick up sexy girls at a bar for a one night stand, we mean meet anyone.

Social media has really changed the world and it feels like most people are more interested in checking out how many likes their latest selfie or tweet got than actually living in the moment. Unfortunately single men are affected most by this because it is on us to get a conversation going.

If you don’t mind walking up to hot girls in your area and asking them to remove their earbuds out on a crowded street you might get a chance, but that is a horribly awkward way to start a chat. Even at places like nightclubs and singles bars it feels like most of the sexy Liverpool girls you see inside are in VIP or standing around a table with a few friends not talking to anyone.

Usually all they do is shoot some videos to post as Instagram stories and they only interact with the group they came with. The thing is, we are all feeling this now but it doesn’t mean you can just give up.

While it may not seem like it women are actually far more sexually active than they have ever been in the past, you just need to get onto their phone if you want to have any chance. Using Adult Friend Finder can be a great way to get in touch with the right girls near you, particularly if you are like us and aren’t looking to get married any time in the near future.

Why is it a good choice? It is basically the modern speed dating in Liverpool, girls are only going to sign up to a site like Adult Friend Finder when they want and need to get laid. It isn’t about finding true love, moving in together, or starting a family.

It is all about hooking up without needing to play games, lie, or lead anyone on. If that is something that interests you then we suggest you look into it.

Where to get laid in Liverpool hook up with girls online

Liverpool Dating Guide

We just fully covered the best ways to meet singles near you and now our Liverpool dating guide is going to do it’s best to help you get what you came for. Showing a girl a good time on a date night is what can separate the men from the boys.

Any of these romantic restaurants and cocktail bars would be a great way to start the evening:

After your meal you could go party at one of the bars or clubs we listed in the local singles nightlife section or take her to see a comedian at the Hot Water Comedy Club. For a more mature date night see what live performance is at the Royal Court Theatre, and there is usually something going on at M&S Bank Arena.

Day Date Ideas

We always advise that you head outdoors if the weather will allow. Some nearby parks to visit on a sunny day are:

  • Calderstones Park
  • Sefton Park
  • Stanley Park
  • Otterspool Promenade
  • Walton Hall Park

If it is a hot summer day you could also go to a beach like:

  • Crosby Beach
  • Moreton Beach
  • West Kirby Beach
  • New Brighton (Wallasey) Beach

You can always find plenty of things to do at the Albert Docks and taking a ferry down the Mersey can be a lot of fun. To get a better since of the culture and history of this city you could go to:

  • World Museum
  • The Beatles Story
  • British Music Experience
  • Merseyside Maritime Museum
  • Museum of Liverpool
  • Walker Art Gallery
  • Radio City Tower
  • Sudley House

For another cool city to visit with some cute girls try Edinburgh next, or if you want to stay in England head over to Sheffield.

Enjoy Dating Liverpool Girls

Well, we feel like we have covered this town as well as we can. If you have any of your own personal tips or if anything on this page is out of date please go ahead and do so in the comments.

Also don’t forget to check out the local single women on Adult Friend Finder who are always down to hook up. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Liverpool with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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