How & Where To Meet Girls In Omaha (Bars, Day Time & Online)

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Omaha then we have all the info you desire. It won’t take us long to break down all the top spots to pick up single women in your area including bars, nightclubs, malls, and other outside the box suggestions.

All of our guides begin with the nightlife and here most of it can be found around Old Market, Dundee, and The Benson Strip. Next we will cover meeting single Omaha girls during the day and how to speed things up by messaging women near you online.

We also used to have a dating guide for your area on this post but have moved all of that info over to that link to keep this one more focused on hooking up. You can find more of our nightlife and dating guides for midwestern cities right there if you are looking for more places to visit.

Nightclubs & Bars To Pick Up Omaha Girls

Currently some of the best nightclubs and singles bars to pick up girls in Omaha are:

We always start off with the nightlife because we assume that is what most guys who search for ‘where to meet girls in Omaha’ are looking for. After all alcohol takes the edge off making it a lot easier to approach a group of sexy women in your area plus it will make them more approachable and likely to hook up.

As we mentioned at the start the best singles nightlife area in this city is around Old Market. Many of the places pinned on our map be them places to meet women like Havana Garage, Laka Lono, Bar 415, Parliament Pub, and Bourbon Saloon or things to do on a date can be found in Old Market so booking a hotel in that area would be wise if you are reading this while planning a trip.

A roughly 6 mile drive to the Northwest will lead you to the Benson Strip along Maple Street where you can find The Waiting Room, The Sydney, Beercade, and some other bars. There are also some good local dives and other things to do in Dundee, and both Rhythmz and MVP Lounge are close to each other along Q Street in the Southwestern area of town.

Another good area is Blackstone where you can find Nite Owl, Little Ricky’s, and plenty more spots to grab a drink within walking distance. Old Market is probably more upscale while Blackstone is more hipster and tends to have a bit of a younger crowd on average.

The Max is the biggest LGBT club and in recent years it has become a popular place to dance, even for straight women and men though we didn’t list it. If you aren’t finding any of the spots on our list to your liking and you want to drink and dance don’t be afraid to give it a chance.

Since the nightlife here isn’t anything special some guys choose to go South to try and hook up with girls in Kansas City or North to party in Minneapolis on weekends.

Where To Meet Women During The Day

You might find some women walking around the Old Market area during the day but it will be a lot better after dark. We aren’t really aware of any outside of the box spots to try to meet singles near you during the day.

When that is the case just stick with the old reliable. Women love shopping, so anywhere you can find lots of stores would be a good place to start.

Try meeting single girls in Omaha at malls or shopping districts like:

  • Westroads Mall
  • Westwood Plaza
  • Village Pointe
  • Oak View Mall
  • Metro Crossing Shopping Center

Chat With Local Girls Online

Girls near you Omaha singles nightlife hook up bars

Everybody knows about the best dating sites to find your soulmate, but not everyone is ready to fall in love just yet. Work, school, travel, or many other things can get in the way.

Plus these days not all people are even looking to get married, divorce rates are high and spending your whole life with one person may not be the best way. For some it certainly is, but not everyone.

So what is a good online dating site to use if you just want to hook up with local women without getting too serious? Our favorite hook up site has been around for well over a decade and has tens of millions of users word wide.

You will find a few hundred single girls in Nebraska using it to get laid, most of them are right here in Omaha. Plus you can try to hook up with girls in Iowa or Kansas that are just a short drive away.

When a girl in your area signs up for our favorite hook up site she isn’t looking to make you wait three dates to get a hug. She wants to get laid as bad as you do, if only she had a guy who could help her out with that. Guys this is the new way for speed dating in Omaha, take advantage of it.

Good Luck Hooking Up

This should be a pretty easy town to figure out, there are some distinct parts of town for singles nightlife like Old Market, Dundee, and The Benson Strip with plenty of decent local bars to try and hook up with girls in your area at. If you have any more to share don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

Also don’t forget to contact the single women near you on our favorite hook up site who are always ready to get laid. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Omaha with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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