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Best Places To Meet Girls In Omaha & Dating Guide

Last updated on February 4th, 2021

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Omaha with a dating guide then welcome. Within a few minutes you will be fully caught up on where to pick up women and the top spots for your date night.

Like most midwestern cities this one is not really known for vibrant nightlife but there might be a bit more here than you are expecting. There are plenty of places to grab a drink and try to hook up, many of which are in or near the Old Market singles nightlife district.

That is where we will begin, our first section is about the best nightclubs and pick up bars to meet single girls in Omaha. We will also talk about trying to meet women during the day and mention a unique online dating option.

Then it will be time to pivot over to our dating guide for Omaha. This will be all about the best romantic restaurants and cocktail bars to visit on your date night.

Some fun activities to do during the day will also be covered, plus we will have a map of all these spots to make them easier for you to find. Whether you are hoping to have a nice night out with your girlfriend or want to try and get laid with a new one the info you need is all here.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Currently some of the top nightclubs and singles bars to pick up girls in Omaha are:

We always start off with the nightlife because we assume that is what most guys who search for ‘where to meet girls in Omaha’ are looking for. After all alcohol takes the edge off making it a lot easier to approach a group of sexy ladies, plus it will make them more approachable and likely to hook up.

As we mentioned at the start the best singles nightlife area in this city is around Old Market. Many of the venues we just listed can be found there and we suggest you book a hotel in that area if you are reading this while planning a trip.

Since the nightlife here isn’t anything special some guys choose to go try and hook up with girls in Kansas City on weekends.

Meet Omaha Girls During The Day

You might find some women walking around the Old Market area during the day but it will be a lot better after dark. We aren’t really aware of any outside of the box spots to try to meet singles near you during the day.

When that is the case just stick with the old reliable. Women love shopping, so anywhere you can find lots of stores would be a good place to start.

Try meeting single girls in Omaha at malls or shopping districts like:

  • Westroads Mall
  • Westwood Plaza
  • Village Pointe
  • Oak View Mall
  • Metro Crossing Shopping Center

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Omaha singles nightlife hook up bars

Everybody knows about the best dating sites to find your soulmate, but not everyone is ready to fall in love just yet. Work, school, travel, or many other things can get in the way.

Plus these days not all people are even looking to get married, divorce rates are high and spending your whole life with one person may not be the best way. For some it certainly is, but not everyone.

So what is a good online dating site to use if you just want to hook up without getting too serious? Adult Friend Finder has been around for well over a decade and has tens of millions of users word wide.

You will find a few hundred single girls in Nebraska using it to get laid, most of them are right here in Omaha. Plus you can try to hook up with girls in Iowa or Kansas that are just a short drive away.

When a girl signs up for Adult Friend Finder she isn’t looking to make you wait three dates to get a hug. She wants to get laid as bad as you do, if only she had a guy who could help her out with that. Guys this is the new way for speed dating in Omaha, take advantage of it.

Where to get laid in Omaha hook up with girls online

Omaha Dating Guide

Hopefully you now have the confidence to go out and meet single girls near you and our Omaha dating guide will help you seal the deal. Getting one to go out with you is a great start but you still need to be able to show her a good time if you want things to keep moving forward.

If you were wondering where to go on your Omaha date night try one of these cocktail bars or romantic restaurants:

After dinner go grab some drinks in the singles nightlife, or see who is performing at the Funny Bone Comedy Club or Orpheum Theater on your date night.

Day Date Ideas

We always suggest you enjoy a sunny day for your date during the day if at all possible. Nothing will put a woman in a good mood like getting out under the sun and having a nice afternoon.

Some great outdoor spots here would be:

  • Standing Bear Lake
  • Heartland of America Park
  • Kenefick Park
  • Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

For something a bit more sophisticated you could visit:

  • Durham Museum
  • Joslyn Art Museum
  • Union Pacific Railroad Museum
  • Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

You can always just go to the Old Market area on foot and try to find something unique and interesting to check out. If the Nebraska football team is having a big game then head to Lincoln and hope they win.

Or when you find the right Omaha girl to shack up with take her to Des Moines for the weekend.

Enjoy Dating Omaha Girls

That is all we have for now but this page will be updated regularly so check back in the future for new and fresh tips. If you have any recommendations of your own don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.

As time goes on we hope to keep adding new places and remove anywhere that gets closed down. If you are here and struggling to hook up don’t forget about the easy single women on Adult Friend Finder.

That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Omaha with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

Hook up Omaha women speed dating guide for men

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