Best Places To Meet Girls In Nairobi & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Nairobi and a dating guide for this city then don’t worry, you have found the right page. There are plenty of good places to try and pick up single women in your area and some high quality date spots here as well.

Most of this guide will revolve around the Westlands area which is where many tourists stay, has much of the best singles nightlife, and is generally the nicest and safest area to be in. For a first time visitor we highly suggest you start out there and then branch out as you see fit.

We will be starting off with the best nightclubs and pick up bars to meet single girls in Nairobi. Most guys do prefer to hit on sexy ladies after they have a few drinks in them after all. Then we will also be covering day game options, and the best online dating site that you can use on top of that.

Once we have covered the best spots to pick up women near you we will transition to our dating guide for Nairobi. Most of that section will also be about Westlands since many of the top restaurants, cocktail bars, and date spots in town can be found there.

Then towards the end of this guide we will give some dating and travel tips for any tourists or new expats who aren’t familiar with traveling in Kenya. Africa can be quite intimidating to a first time visitor, but we do have some tips that can make things easier for you.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

Some of the best singles bars and nightclubs to party with hot single Nairobi girls would be:

By the end of this post you are going to be sick of us mentioning Westlands, but once you become more familiar with this city you will understand why it comes up so much. The main party hot spot in Nairobi to pick up single girls is there, and most tourists will probably feel more comfortable in that part of town than anywhere else.

Whether you are trying to hook up in the local nightlife for singles or find a date spot this is the right area. We generally like to include full addresses in our posts but in Africa getting a full address isn’t easy. We did our best for the above list, and you can search on Google Maps to find out the locations, or check out our map at the end of this guide.

You can also find plenty of singles nightlife in Kampala and we covered that city at this link.

Meet Nairobi Girls During The Day

In foreign countries day game can be very prosperous, but it can also be pretty tricky. This is a huge city with many people and lots of chaos going on all around you.

Plus this isn’t the safest part of the world either, a single girl in your area on the street is going to be pretty freaked out by a stranger walking up to her. Now if you are a ‘Mzunga,’ the local word for foreigner, they might not think you are trying to rob them but it still doesn’t mean they will want to be picked up on the street.

You probably are better off trying to pick up hot Nairobi girls during the day inside of malls, cafes, or calmer and quieter areas then on a crowded walkway. These shopping malls would be ideal:

  • Junction
  • Yaya
  • Sarit
  • Galleria

The Maasai Market can also be good, or just hang out in the south Westlands area at cafes near the University of Nairobi where college girls will be going after class. Make a calm, slow, and smiling approach and if they don’t seem up for a chat back off.

Chat With Girls Online

Meet girls near you Nairobi singles nightlife bars Westlands

Lots of guys reading this are probably not going to feel very comfortable picking up women in public in this city. We aren’t exaggerating the level of chaos that goes on in huge foreign cities, and most people are pretty on guard and not looking to have strangers start a conversation.

Of course at nightclubs or singles bars Nairobi girls will be more approachable, but don’t be surprised if you aren’t feeling them either. We haven’t even mentioned that many of the ladies of the night will be hookers, we are saving that for our last section.

To work your way around all of the pitfalls why not use one of the best online dating sites you can find in Kenya or anywhere in Africa, Afro Introductions. This is a massive city so there are plenty of single women in Nairobi seeking foreign men online.

Some will be looking for a serious relationship, others may just want to have some fun and hook up. Using Afro Introductions will really speed things up for you.

You can contact local women before you are even in town, or if you are already here you could set up a date for tonight. No going out in the crowded chaotic streets wasting tons of time sitting in traffic and no walking up to a stranger you don’t know hoping she might be interested.

Just log on to the dating site, send out messages to any sexy ladies in your area you like, and take the ones who reply out on a date at a place we mention in our next section. If you play your cards right this will definitely increase your chances of getting laid.

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Nairobi Dating Guide

OK, now you are caught up on the best places and ways to meet single girls near you and our Nairobi dating guide can kick into full gear. Guess where we are going to tell you to wine and dine the women you meet here? Yup, Westlands!

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, you want to show women a good time in a nice, clean, safe area and this is it. Some of the best cocktail bars and restaurants for a date would be:

Ranch House Bistro isn’t in the city center but it can make for a great place to go after you spend the day at Lake Naivasha.

Day Date Ideas

If you are looking for some good day date ideas then try to head outside if the weather is nice. Uhura Park is great, you can walk around the lake or rent bicycles. Head to the arboretum, or go to the Nairobi National Park and check out the animals.

Other good day date ideas in Nairobi would be to visit the observatory on top of the International Convention Center, get a coffee at Sisima, or grab some brunch at Juniper Kitchen on Muthangari Dr. Diamond Plaza. Parklands is loaded with fun activities and places to eat, it is a good all around date spot.

For a special trip with the right lady go enjoy the beach and nightlife in Mombasa or head to Kisumu and enjoy Lake Victoria.

Tips For Tourists & Expats

Now we have some travel and dating tips for any tourists or new expats to Nairobi. Lets start with money, while you can certainly live very cheaply here don’t expect this to be a cheap vacation.

If you want to hang out in Westlands and get a hotel in a safe area it is going to be pretty costly. That is how it is all over Africa unfortunately, the local currency is the shilling and you get around 130 of them for every dollar at the time of our latest update.

When you rent your hotel tell them you will be meeting your girlfriend later on when she arrives and she will be staying with you. Often times hotels here will want to charge a joiner fee.

It can be a bit hard to navigate the streets, not only because of the traffic but also because addresses are hard to come by. Remember to use Google Maps if need be. One good positive is that many of the Nairobi girls have an interest in foreign men and also speak English at a decent level.

They won’t be fluent, but you should be able to communicate with many. However there is something we haven’t really hit on yet which is pretty important, and that is how there will be many hookers out in Westlands.

This is common all over the world, wherever the money is the prostitutes will follow. Foreign men and rich locals will be partying in Westlands, girls who want to get some of their money will also be there.

Some may just be gold diggers looking for a sugar daddy, others will be wanting a direct payment if you want to get laid. It isn’t always easy to know who is who, but if they are overly aggressive then you should be able to figure it out.

Enjoy Dating Nairobi Girls

This can be a pretty wild city to visit, you might have a great time or it might be too overwhelming for you. Follow the advice in this guide, stick to the Westlands area, and keep your wits about you.

To make things easier don’t forget about Afro Introductions. It will help you set up dates with single women before you arrive, or get you through any dry spells and help you hook up while you are in town.

That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Nairobi and the dating guide, enjoy your time here.

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