Best Places To Meet Girls In Lausanne & Dating Guide

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Lausanne with a dating guide then we can certainly help you out. Where to pick up single women in your area and plenty of great things to do on a date night will be covered throughout this post.

Trying to hook up in the nightlife is how we always start things off, then we will cover meeting single Lausanne girls during the day or and a unique online dating site for those who want to move quick. Local date night spots and cool stuff to do throughout the day will also be getting a mention.

We have written about quite a few towns in Switzerland before which you can look through there if interested.

Nightclubs & Pick Up Bars

We will start this off by listing the current best nightclubs and singles bars to pick up Lausanne girls:

The main area for singles nightlife is the Flon District and any tourists who want to come here and hook up with Lausanne girls should get a hotel there if possible. It is certainly not the cheapest area of town to stay in, but being there will offer plenty of benefits.

First off, it is always a lot easier to get laid with a girl in your area if you just picked up at a bar if your room is close to where you met her. Trying to get her to hop in a taxi to the other side of town could cause her to back out.

Secondly, this isn’t only a good area for singles nightlife. It is centrally located and your whole trip will be a lot more enjoyable if you stay near the places that you plan to frequent.

There are some universities here and the nightclubs and bars are likely to be a lot better when class is in session. If you show up here and nothing is going on you can look through our list of bars and clubs in Geneva which is not too far away.

Meet Lausanne Girls During The Day

Areas like the Flon District, the Ouchy Port, and Old Town are going to have plenty of people walking through them all throughout the day. Many single Lausanne women will come there to shop or grab lunch, plus you will have some tourists strolling the streets.

You can find lots of shops along Rue de Bourg, plus you can try to meet more girls in your area at malls and shopping districts like:

  • Manor
  • Metropole
  • Portes-St-Francois

Chat With Girls Online

Girls near you Lausanne singles nightlife hook up bars

We were curious about something; do you still stand on the side of the road waving your arms in the air like a psycho to flag down a taxi? Or do you just use an app? You probably use an app because it is quicker, easier, and also saves you money.

Then again online dating sites offer those same advantages yet some guys still won’t give them a chance. Take a minute to think about the last time you went out to a popular nightclub. Were most of the girls there to mingle and have a good time? Or were they there to take selfies and shoot videos?

How is a guy ever supposed to get laid if most girls don’t care about anything other than how many likes their most recent photos got? But tech has helped us out in some ways, particularly in the form of online dating sites. When you want to meet girls in Lausanne online and are mostly hoping to hook up look into Adult Friend Finder.

You will be surprised at just how many people are using this site in Europe these days. Those long lines, expensive prices, and pretentious girls are always out there at the clubs if you want to go that route.

Or you might just want to check out Adult Friend Finder and start messaging girls who actually want to get laid and aren’t only looking for attention.

Where to get laid in Lausanne hook up with girls online

Lausanne Dating Guide

At this point you should feel more confident in your ability to meet single girls near you and this Lausanne dating guide needs to help prepare you for what comes next. You are only going to hook up if your date night is enjoyable for the two of you.

Any of these romantic restaurants and cocktail bars could do the trick:

Then you can go party in the Flon District nightlife, take a romantic walk around the lake, or take her to see a live show at:

Day Date Ideas

A sunny day is as likely to put a smile on her face as anything. Here are some good places to spend a beautiful day together:

  • Louis Bourget Park
  • Hermitage Park
  • Valency Park
  • Milan Park

You could take some short trips to Gruyeres or Chateau du Chillon, plus if it is hot out there are good beaches in Epesses about half an hour away. The Aquatis Aquarium and Vivarium is also really cool, the Ouchy Port area is beautiful, and you can get some great views of the region from the Sauvabelin Tower.

A casual walk around Old Town will lead you to some cool sites, plus there are some great museums and landmarks here:

  • Collection de l’Art Brut
  • The Olympic Museum
  • Musee de l’Elysee
  • Musee Cantonal des Beaux-Arts
  • Musée Cantonal de Zoologie
  • Palais de Rumine
  • History Museum

At some point you may want to strengthen the bond of your relationship and if so go spend the weekend in La Plagne.

Enjoy Dating Lausanne Girls

We will continue to update this post a few times a year but for now that is all we have to share. If you have any special tips or want to correct any out of date information here please go ahead and do so in the comments.

Those single women near you on Adult Friend Finder are generally going to be the quickest to hook up. That wraps up our best places to meet girls in Lausanne with our dating guide, enjoy your time here.

Hook up Lausanne women dating guide for men

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